23 July 2013

Back to blogging...

I guess I'm somewhat notorious for disappearing by now.  It's been over three months this time.  It's not that I've been particularly busy or even uninspired.  It might be the fact that even with the a/c on my doll room feels likes it's a thousand degrees.  But whatever it is, I've not been a very good blogger.  But I've come back perhaps a little sooner than I intended just because I received a Liebster Award nomination today from the lovely Brini.

Brini was one of the first people who found me when I started my blog about a year and a half ago.  She's the one who introduced me to a number of my followers and I adore keeping up with her dolls, especially Mr. and Mrs. Dotson.  Seeing them in action never fails to make me smile.

Anyway, how this works is I'm supposed to answer some questions that she presented to me, nominate 5-10 people and then pose my own questions to those people.  I'm going to cop out a bit on this one.  I end up feeling a tad bit awkward singling people out and I wouldn't want to take the chance of leaving out someone who deserves it.  So I'll answer Brini's questions and then pose some of my own to anyone who's interested in answering.  :)

1. What inspired you to start your blog?
I started my blog almost a year after I started to really collect dolls.  I loved my dolls and wanted a way to share them with others and I'd seen the great things so many people were doing with their blogs and got inspired to do the same.

2.What drives you to want to express and share yourself in blogosphere.

I really love storytelling and being able to share my thoughts with the world.  

3. What skills do you want or have acquired that has made a big difference in your life?

Probably one of my most developed skills is my storytelling and my writing.  I can't imagine a world where I couldn't create and imagine whole scenarios.  My creativity moves me on a daily basis.  Even if I'm not physically writing, I'm constantly making stories in my head, trying out words and ideas.  I'd love to become a bit more disciplined in it though and make sure I actually get at least some of these thoughts down every day.  But outside of NaNoWriMo it doesn't happen often.

4. How have your followers enrich  your life?

I really love all the support.  Everyone on here is absolutely lovely.  You were all so welcoming and your continued response to my posts (even after I've disappeared for a while) never fails to make me smile.  I get so excited to hear from you and interact with you and look at your blogs.  You constantly inspire me to keep going.  You make collecting dolls and creating stories that much more fun.  So thank you!  :)

5. What are the pitfalls of maintaining a weekly blog and how do make sure to find the time?

Yeah, I'm pretty bad at posting weekly, considering I'll disappear for months on end without saying anything.  When I plan ahead and queue things, I'm usually more successful at keeping up with blogging.  But sometimes I'm preoccupied and kind of vanish.  It's something I'm still working on.

6. What is the best advise someone has giving you?

This isn't really advice given directly to me, but a saying I've heard of and on for a long time.  Stop dreaming and start believing.  I have faith in the power of dreams, especially the kind that drive us.  It's fantastic to have dreams, but sometimes we don't pursue them because of fear.  I've found that even if things don't work out the way you expect or hope, something better is bound to come along.  But sometimes you've just got to try and make your dreams a reality, even the small ones.  Now that I sound all philosophical...

7.  If you could do over one thing in your life, would you be happy with the result?

There's nothing major I would change.  Everything that's happened, good or bad, has taught me a lesson and made me more prepared for what's to come.  Some days there are decisions I regret and wish I could change, but when I truly think about it, I wouldn't be who I was if I hadn't made those decisions and learned the lessons I did.  So maybe I've become stronger even through my poorer choices.

8. Beside your blog is what is or has become your other favorite pastime?

When I'm not at my computer and actually writing, I spend a lot of time plotting.  When work gets boring or stressful and I need to redirect my attention, that's what I do.  And it's literally a great pastime because it's not keeping me from what I'm actually supposed to be doing.  It's keeping me calm and content.

9. How many people have you smiled and said thank you to?
Sometimes I don't think I smile enough at people.  I'm pretty reserved.  I'll smile during conversations and such.  I'm actually a pretty easy person to get to smile.  But it's rarely unprovoked which is something I need to work on because when people smile at me for seemingly no reason that's usually when it makes my day the most.  I say thank you as often as I can though because I want people to know what they do and how they are means a lot to me.

10. Would you agree that is not the journey that you enjoyed but the lesson you learned and if so what was the lesson?

I think the point of the journey in the first place is the lessons you learn and not just getting to the destination.  The lessons learned along the way build character even if they're tough ones.  So while I may not always enjoy the lessons at the time, I'm grateful for them and I'm better because of them.  I don't think there's just one lesson though.  I think there's so much to be learned.  I don't think it's possible to stop learning and growing.

Okay, so some questions of my own to anyone who feels like answering.
1.  What inspires you most when creating and/or collecting?
2.  If you could meet any person (living or dead), who would you choose and what would you say to them?
3.  Other than blogging and collecting, what do you like to do in your spare time?
4.  What was the last book you read and how did it make you feel?
5.  Who is the most important person in your life?
6.  What's your go-to method for coping with stress?
7.  What is your biggest dream in life?
8.  What can you not leave home without?
9.  Have you ever had a life changing or truly defining moment?
10.  What are some words to live by or your life philosophy?

Thank you so much for nominating me, Brini.  You've given me a much-needed push to help me start blogging again.

Hope all is well with my lovely followers.  I'll try not to be so long before posts next time.  ;)

14 April 2013

Clearing the Air (a photo story)

Popping in for an update on the cast of Checkmate who are finally back to filming after a long hiatus.  Since they had the feature length film come out in August, this season is shorter and therefore getting a much later start.  Brie's older sister Lily is directing this one.  Here she is offering guidance for Stacie and Valerie's next scenes.

Val is making sure she understands just what Lily is expecting.

Across the room, Brie surfs the internet during a short break.

She's nothing short of surprised when Shane shows up to talk.  They haven't done much talking since they broke up while filming the movie almost a year ago.  They haven't even seen each other since they finished the press tour in the summer.
Shane:  Hey...I was wondering if we could talk...

Brie discards her tablet to the table with a sigh.
Brie:  I guess so...

Shane:  I just wanted to try and clear the air between us.

Brie isn't sure she's ready for this conversation but she stays silent.
Shane:  I know things ended badly between us, but...
Brie:  If you say you want to be friends, so help me--

Shane:  No!  I mean, I'd love that.  But no.  I'm not asking for that at all.  If we got to that point someday, that would be great.  But I get that it's too soon.  I just came over to apologize.  I don't think I ever really did after everything that went down between us.  But I'm sorry it ended the way it did.  

Shane:  And I get that things are probably going to be awkward between us for a while.  But we're both under contract to play these characters for at least another two years and I want it to be as painless as possible.  Work is hard enough without a feud going on here on the set.  I don't think either of us need that added drama in our lives.  And I certainly don't want the job you used to love so much to start stressing you out.

Shane:  Please say something.

Brie:  I don't know what you want from me, Shane.

Shane:  I don't want anything from you.  I honestly just want to say I'm sorry.  And I also wanted to say that I hope you're happy because if anyone deserves to be happy it's you.

Shane:  And Martin--I hope that he's okay too.  Some of my fans are brutal and it sucks and I'm sorry for that too.  I know Martin's tough, but he doesn't deserve some of the remarks they've been making and neither do you.  He seems like a really great guy.

Brie feels a bit less icy after this, seeing as he really is sincere.
Brie:  Okay.

Brie:  I really appreciate this.  I do.

Shane is surprised when she actually hugs him.
Shane:  Thank you for hearing me out...

Brie:  I don't know how to go back to being friends though...at least not right now.  I'm just not sure I'm ready for that.
Shane:  I understand.  I'm just glad you listened.
Brie:  Thank you, Shane.
Shane:  Bye, Brie.

Val and Stacie are both a little shocked to see that their costars are speaking again.

Brie collapses against the vanity with a sigh, feeling somewhat drained.

Martin arrives on set.
Martin:  Hey, Brie.

Brie:  Martin?!

She rushes to him.
Martin:  What's up, babe?  Are you okay?
Brie:  I'm just really happy to see you.

Martin:  I'm glad to see you too.  You wanna tell me what's going on?

Brie sits back down and tells him about her conversation with Shane.  Martin listens without interrupting.
Brie:  You're not mad at me, are you?
Martin:  Why should I be mad at you?  You're allowed to talk to other guys, Brie.  Even ex-boyfriends. I trust you.  And if it's going to make your experience on set better again, I'm happy you finally talked.  It was long overdue.  Come here.

Martin kisses her forehead.
Martin:  Feel better?
Brie:  Much.

23 February 2013

[Profile] Sander

Lysander "Sander" Thompson

Age:  23
Birthday:  April 23
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Sander has never understood his schoolteacher mother’s love of all things Shakespeare, including the fact that she named him after a character in her favorite play.  Sure, the guy wrote some great poetry.  As a lyricist himself, Sander can appreciate the words of the Bard.  But a play about fairies?  Really?  After all, that’s how he got stuck with such a bothersome name.  “She could have named you Oberon,” his best friend is fond of reminding him.  In fact, as far as names go, Lysander probably isn’t that bad.  But still, Lysander?  She could have at least picked Demetrius.

                  What Sander does like is the fact that his mother’s love of words drove him to write, to start creating his own kind of poetry which eventually led him to forming a band with his best friend from prep school, Martin West.  That, and his father’s love of music have made him the person he is today with all his passions.

                  Sander truly loves what he does.  When he was younger, he may not have ever fancied the idea of boy bands, but he has a lot of fun being in one now.  The best part is that the press tends to zero in on Martin as the band’s frontman.  Sander gets all the perks with less drama.  While rumors swirl around Martin’s interest in Brie Hamilton, Sander is free to tend to his own love life (or as of late, lack thereof) without as much buzz.  Sometimes he thanks fate that his best friend is the son of media tycoons.

                  In his free time, Sander enjoys playing a wide array of sports.  He’s also notorious for his love of food and is often seen out eating and enjoying as many local restaurants as he can at each stop on tour.  It’s probably a good thing he likes playing sports so much—and that he’s been blessed with a quick metabolism. 

20 February 2013

[Profile] Landon

Landon Carson

Age:  20
Birthday:  August 31
Occupation:  Band Manager
Relationship Status:  in a relationship with Skipper Roberts
Siblings:  Ken

                  Landon counts himself lucky to be able to work so closely with friends as good as the girls in Daisy Chain.  He met Skipper long before many of the Daisy Chain girls even knew each other when his brother started dating Skipper’s sister.  He’s always loved the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business which is why when Skipper started her band he came along to help with the business end of things.

                  No one can say he didn’t earn his spot as band manager.  He’s had that role since way before he ever became romantically involved with Skipper.  When the girls were first really becoming famous, their agency wanted to keep Landon on only for small tasks and hire a professional to truly handle their career.  But the girls knew it wasn’t fair to him, especially since they knew he could handle the job and they haven’t regretted their decision to keep him as their manager yet.

                  Landon and Skipper only began dating last summer when they finally relented and went on a date after their friends spent months telling them they’d make a cute couple.  More than anything though, they balance each other out.  Landon can be completely rational during moments where Skipper loses her heads in the clouds with ideas of always moving forward.  To this day, he still thinks that the best thing about their relationship is that, were they to break up, he honestly believes they’d continue on as close friends.

                  Currently, Landon shares an apartment with his older brother Ken when he’s not on the road with Daisy Chain.

with brother Ken

16 February 2013

[Profile] Ken

Kenneth Carson

Age:  27
Birthday:  March 11
Occupation:  Actor
Relationship Status:  engaged to Barbie Roberts
Siblings:  Landon

                  Ken is known mostly to the general public as Barbie’s Boyfriend.  Most guys would be threatened by this, feeling less powerful, more inconsequential.  But Ken isn’t most guys.  He doesn’t need the good opinion of people who don’t know him to make him feel good about himself.  He and those closest to him know that he’s much more than Barbie’s Boyfriend.  (And even if he weren’t, is being Barbie’s Boyfriend really such a bad thing?)

                  Like Barbie, Ken first worked as a model before transitioning to acting.  (In fact, it was on the set of a commercial where the two first met and hit it off.)  He’s been acting ever since his big break and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  Hollywood is a fickle place, but he’s found his share of trustworthy and admirable people there, people who have his back under all circumstances.  And that’s why it’s easy to ignore the others, the ones who make underhanded comments, snide remarks, and are just downright hateful.  As long as he knows who he is at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters.

                  Overall, Ken is family oriented and hopes to settle down with Barbie one day and start a family.  But for now, he’s just happy living in the moment and gradually reaching other goals he’s set for himself.  Life’s too precious to wish away time.

with Barbie

with younger brother Landon