26 February 2012

The workings of a new diorama...

I just want to say thank you to everyone who's checked out and commented on my blog in the past few days, especially Brini who sent so many lovely people my way.  :)  You guys are so great and make me really glad I started this blog.

Over the weekend, I started working on a new doll bed.  Sadly, it's for a doll that isn't fully made yet, but who should make an appearance in the near future (I hope).  I need to make the pillows still (or rather remake the first one, since I didn't like it) and fix the comforter a little, but I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

Now here Audrey is modeling it, as well as showing off an articulated body.  (She'll get a new body with a better skin match soon enough.)

My dolls are now invading the bedroom instead of the room they're usually in.  I need to learn to contain and organize.

Hopefully on nights I don't have night class I'll be able to work on some more things and decide a color scheme and such for the new bedroom.  I'm thinking something more solid since there's already so much zebra in it.

25 February 2012

[Profile] Summer

Summer Roberts
: 20
:  June 25
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Summer is as sunny as her name sounds.  She’s all smiles and warmth and kindness.  Her openness has a lot to do with the fact that she’s an only child.  She’ll talk to just about anyone and makes friends as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.  But her caring side also makes her a wonderful listener.

                  She’s been playing guitar for as long as she can remember in tribute to her grandfather who taught her when she was just a little girl.  It’s been one of the most important things in her life since then, a means of expressing herself when words fail her.

                  An only child with a single mother, Summer spent a lot time around her cousins growing up.  Her aunt and uncle accepted her as another daughter and the girls were glad to have another sister.  Even today, they’re still close and she even shares a band with cousin Skipper.  They share a house too when they’re out in California.

                  Besides her band mates and cousins, Summer is really close with Mitchie Garcia and Averie Anderson who share the same California house with her and Skipper.  But her circle is not confined to that small group of people, as most people love her.

snapping a quick picture with the roomies

22 February 2012

Look who came in the mail today!

Such a big box!

Before being free of her package
I am so excited that I finally have her.  I used my rewards points for the first quarter on the Fan Club, since I've been planning on getting her forever.  I saw her in person in various stores and I still love her now that she's unpackaged and waiting on my kitchen table.  If I get my homework done quickly enough, she might be receiving her new body tonight.

I think her name should be Audrey.

21 February 2012

[Weekly Roundup]

I've been meaning to post this since Sunday, but I wanted pictures of Stacie in it.  So I waited.


So the big clearance section in Walmart that has a great selection of toys is my new best friend.  Last week I found a Justin Bieber concert set that's usually $34 marked down to $17.  Since I'm making a band, it was a great deal, as it included drums, a guitar, a keyboard, and more (plus the doll), especially since I've been looking for good deals on instruments.

This week (different Walmart):  The Alex Russo and Hannah Montana Disney VIP fashion packs were each $5.  $5!  When they're usually like $12.  Considering I've been wanting these (and I finally got my VIP doll last week), I just about flipped out in the middle of the aisle after checking at the price scanner.  Not my best moment, but hey.  Little things like this make me happy.

I also bought my Stacie doll there.  And she is now rebodied on the Disney VIP body.  I wanted to give her articulation and had been playing around with the idea before ever getting the VIP doll.  Then I came across these great pictures of Stacie on a Monster High body that convinced me since MH and VIP seem to be rather similar in some areas.  I nearly had a heart attack when I was taking Sharpay's head off though because I wasn't being as careful as I could have been and I broke the neck joint.  It took me two hours to get it out of the head.  Two hours.  But I finally did, hot glued it back in place, and put Stacie's head on--and it's good as new.  I'm thrilled.

Meet Stacie.  I adore her.

At Target, I picked up my Raquelle doll for $10 and I think it might just kill me to customize her and I'll probably end up with one to keep as Raquelle later.  No pictures of Raquelle since she's kind of separated from her body at the moment...

Then at Hobby Lobby, I bought foam board and T-pins to get started on some new rooms.

I'm excited for new projects.  <3

17 February 2012

Spa Treatment

I just spent the last few hours giving some of my less used dolls a bit of a spa day (as well as favorites who just needed a good hair wash).  In the process, I tried to fix an uneven haircut I gave a doll years ago.  It turns out I still can't cut hair evenly.  xD  So now she has an even shorter bob, but it could have been worse.

Also...I'm getting better at taking the heads off of dolls in order to rebody them.  It apparently helps to have my mind more focused on a TV show or something and not completely on what I'm doing.  A new doll came in the mail yesterday whose body I plan to use in the future.  And today I took the head off the Liv doll whose body I'm going to use for another doll who should be arriving in the next few weeks since she deserves to be articulated.

I'm technically not supposed to be spending anymore money, after the amount I've spent since last Saturday, but I kind of want to see if my mom will go with me to Hobby Lobby while we're on our errands so that I can look at some foam board.  We shall see.  But really...I do need to stop spending money, considering I'm supposed to be saving for England.

16 February 2012

[Profile] Skipper

Skipper Roberts
Age:  19
Birthday:  July 1
Occupation:  Musician
Relationship Status:  dating Landon Carson
Siblings:  Barbie, Stacie, Chelsea

It’s tough when your older sister is as famous as Barbie, but Skipper doesn’t allow herself to be overshadowed.  She’s all talent and ambition under a sweet smile.  Levelheaded and determined, she’s the obvious leader in the band she and her friends put together years ago.  She’s the lead singer, but she’s often seen with a guitar in her hand as well.  Her ambition drives the band, taking them to new heights in their career so that they’re now a Hollywood staple.

Unlike some might, she doesn’t resent her sister’s popularity, nor does she ride on her coattails.  In fact, they’re pretty close and share many of the same friends.  Family has always been important to both of them.  When they’re all in the area, many evenings are spent in their family getaway home with their parents George and Margaret and their sisters Stacie and Chelsea.

When she’s not spending time with her family, Skipper likes to hang out with her friends.  Her best friends outside of her band mates are Mitchie Garcia, an up-and-coming singer, and Averie Anderson, a blossoming novelist, both of whom she’s known since they went to school together as children.  Her band consists of Audrey (percussionist), Mari (keyboardist), Annalise (bassist), and her cousin Summer (lead guitarist).   The band's manager Landon Carson is also her boyfriend. 

Skipper with her sisters and Summer

Kissing Landon

with her roommates

14 February 2012

Pictures tonight?

I don't have a night class on Tuesdays anymore, so maybe I'll actually be able to get some better photographs of some of my dolls.  I kind of want to profile each of them apart from the Collection page, so it's a bit less cluttered.  We'll see.  Right now, it's off to class I go.

13 February 2012

Where to begin...

When I was little, all I played with were Barbies for the most part.  I was obsessed.  I had ridiculous amounts of these dolls lying around my bedroom and toy room.  As I got older, my love of them didn't decrease, but I became more concerned about what girls my age "should" be doing.  Many of my dolls were lost around this time, in yard sales and the like, while some got placed into crates in the basement.

Last winter, I found this crate in it and discovered all the great dolls I still had.  It seemed a shame to let them sit there like that.  Still, the box sat in my room for a few months after that.  At the beginning of the summer, I decided I needed to do something with them.  By this time, I'd started to see some interesting flickr accounts and blogs that inspired me.  I picked out my main family (which I later changed) and started building them a house, making as much of it as I could.  It's not the best.  I know there are things I would know to do better now and I plan to utilise them in the future.  But it was over these summer months that I realized how much I love collecting dolls and building dioramas.  I love thinking of back stories.  I like seeing them out.

Since the summer, I have bought numerous dolls and spent countless hours decorating and redecorating the house.  I don't plan to stop any time soon because I really enjoy it.  Not many people know about this hobby because I'm always afraid of people misunderstanding it, as I feel so often happens in many areas of my life.  I think my parents are the only ones fully aware of how much it's come to mean to me.  I may have only told one other person.  I'm not quite sure.  But hopefully, as I begin to feel more comfortable around people in general, more will be let in on my little secret.

It's good for me to have a creative outlet that isn't just my writing.  It's good to have something else to do when I get stuck in the world of words.  It's a different way to tell stories and that's what I love doing best.

I do it for myself, for my own enjoyment, which is the main reason I've started this blog as well.  It doesn't matter if it's read, as long as I get it out.