22 February 2012

Look who came in the mail today!

Such a big box!

Before being free of her package
I am so excited that I finally have her.  I used my rewards points for the first quarter on the Fan Club, since I've been planning on getting her forever.  I saw her in person in various stores and I still love her now that she's unpackaged and waiting on my kitchen table.  If I get my homework done quickly enough, she might be receiving her new body tonight.

I think her name should be Audrey.


  1. Congratulations and Audrey is a perfect name for her!! It really doesn't matter how long you have been waiting for her, it's just wonderful news she made home TO you!!

  2. She is pretty and I agree with Brini, her name suits her. Love the look of your blog btw! It is so cute:)

  3. This Stardoll is on my list, too. Have you decided on which doll you will use to rebody her? I was thinking of using the Victorious doll ... so she can have a fuller-sized body.

  4. I got a Fashionista Teresa yesterday for a great price and I'm thinking of rebodying her with that one so she has more articulation. I think the skin tone should be a better match than the body she's on now. But I bet the Victorious doll would be a good match too. I hadn't thought of that.