16 February 2012

[Profile] Skipper

Skipper Roberts
Age:  19
Birthday:  July 1
Occupation:  Musician
Relationship Status:  dating Landon Carson
Siblings:  Barbie, Stacie, Chelsea

It’s tough when your older sister is as famous as Barbie, but Skipper doesn’t allow herself to be overshadowed.  She’s all talent and ambition under a sweet smile.  Levelheaded and determined, she’s the obvious leader in the band she and her friends put together years ago.  She’s the lead singer, but she’s often seen with a guitar in her hand as well.  Her ambition drives the band, taking them to new heights in their career so that they’re now a Hollywood staple.

Unlike some might, she doesn’t resent her sister’s popularity, nor does she ride on her coattails.  In fact, they’re pretty close and share many of the same friends.  Family has always been important to both of them.  When they’re all in the area, many evenings are spent in their family getaway home with their parents George and Margaret and their sisters Stacie and Chelsea.

When she’s not spending time with her family, Skipper likes to hang out with her friends.  Her best friends outside of her band mates are Mitchie Garcia, an up-and-coming singer, and Averie Anderson, a blossoming novelist, both of whom she’s known since they went to school together as children.  Her band consists of Audrey (percussionist), Mari (keyboardist), Annalise (bassist), and her cousin Summer (lead guitarist).   The band's manager Landon Carson is also her boyfriend. 

Skipper with her sisters and Summer

Kissing Landon

with her roommates

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