17 February 2012

Spa Treatment

I just spent the last few hours giving some of my less used dolls a bit of a spa day (as well as favorites who just needed a good hair wash).  In the process, I tried to fix an uneven haircut I gave a doll years ago.  It turns out I still can't cut hair evenly.  xD  So now she has an even shorter bob, but it could have been worse.

Also...I'm getting better at taking the heads off of dolls in order to rebody them.  It apparently helps to have my mind more focused on a TV show or something and not completely on what I'm doing.  A new doll came in the mail yesterday whose body I plan to use in the future.  And today I took the head off the Liv doll whose body I'm going to use for another doll who should be arriving in the next few weeks since she deserves to be articulated.

I'm technically not supposed to be spending anymore money, after the amount I've spent since last Saturday, but I kind of want to see if my mom will go with me to Hobby Lobby while we're on our errands so that I can look at some foam board.  We shall see.  But really...I do need to stop spending money, considering I'm supposed to be saving for England.

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