21 February 2012

[Weekly Roundup]

I've been meaning to post this since Sunday, but I wanted pictures of Stacie in it.  So I waited.


So the big clearance section in Walmart that has a great selection of toys is my new best friend.  Last week I found a Justin Bieber concert set that's usually $34 marked down to $17.  Since I'm making a band, it was a great deal, as it included drums, a guitar, a keyboard, and more (plus the doll), especially since I've been looking for good deals on instruments.

This week (different Walmart):  The Alex Russo and Hannah Montana Disney VIP fashion packs were each $5.  $5!  When they're usually like $12.  Considering I've been wanting these (and I finally got my VIP doll last week), I just about flipped out in the middle of the aisle after checking at the price scanner.  Not my best moment, but hey.  Little things like this make me happy.

I also bought my Stacie doll there.  And she is now rebodied on the Disney VIP body.  I wanted to give her articulation and had been playing around with the idea before ever getting the VIP doll.  Then I came across these great pictures of Stacie on a Monster High body that convinced me since MH and VIP seem to be rather similar in some areas.  I nearly had a heart attack when I was taking Sharpay's head off though because I wasn't being as careful as I could have been and I broke the neck joint.  It took me two hours to get it out of the head.  Two hours.  But I finally did, hot glued it back in place, and put Stacie's head on--and it's good as new.  I'm thrilled.

Meet Stacie.  I adore her.

At Target, I picked up my Raquelle doll for $10 and I think it might just kill me to customize her and I'll probably end up with one to keep as Raquelle later.  No pictures of Raquelle since she's kind of separated from her body at the moment...

Then at Hobby Lobby, I bought foam board and T-pins to get started on some new rooms.

I'm excited for new projects.  <3


  1. Now that's a great shopping trip. You did good finding outfits and accessories you've been needing. I can't wait to see how your band is going to turn out, that should be cool!! I'm glad you joined my blog and I can tell I'm going to have fun reading yours too!

  2. Thanks for the comment and for checking out my blog! I really enjoy reading your stories as well. :)

  3. Found out about your site from Brini! You found some great finds! Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  4. Love your pictures! Looking forward to more of your posts:)

  5. Thanks for the tip that the Disney VIP dolls are a match for Stacie.