25 March 2012

Meet Annalise

So after I finished everything that I have due tomorrow I treated myself with a trip to Target to buy the other Stardoll I've been wanting since they're on sale.  I bought her and a Nikki Fashionista to rebody her on.  I'm just as smitten with her as I am with Audrey.  They have such sweet faces.  When I got home, I got her on her new articulated body and finally put Audrey on the Teresa body.  Mitchie ended up with the Liv body Audrey had been using.  Here are a few quick shots of Annalise and some of Audrey on her new body.



Long time, no post

I'm just popping in to say hey and let you all know I'm still alive.  My dolls are waiting patiently for me in their room as I continue on with my schoolwork.  The good news is that I won't be overwhelmed with school for much longer.  My work load will lessen considerably in the next two and a half weeks or so since that's when I'll be handing in my senior thesis.  Once that's out of the way, everything else will be a breeze and I'll have plenty of time for play.  :)

I think I'm gonna queue up a few profiles to post over the next few days, depending on how soon I finish with my work for tonight.

Also, I have two new dolls on the way, thanks to the incredible sale Gilt had.  I'm so excited!!!  One is the Grace Kelly doll from To Catch a Thief which I've been eyeing ever since I first saw her.  I cannot wait until she's finally home!  :)

Anyway, that's about it in my world right now.  Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Have a great Sunday!

12 March 2012

[Profile] Mitchie

Mitchie Garcia
: 20
:  August 20
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single
Sibling:  Grace

                  Mitchie Garcia has been through hell and back.  But she’s stronger because of it.  For the first time in her life, the brilliant contagious smiles she lets overtake her features bear witness to a deeper happiness.  She still struggles with demons that sent her into a downward spiral.  But with the help of her closest friends, she’s pulled through and is making her comeback.

                  From a young age, it was known that Mitchie was a little girl with a big voice and dreams big enough to match.  For years, music has been her most helpful outlet.  In many ways, it helps to keep her sane.  She was especially grateful for the incredible support her fans showed during her time out of the spotlight because it really confirmed for her that her music meant something to others as well.

                  Mitchie’s best friends are Averie, Skipper, and Summer who she’s known since she relocated from Texas to their neighborhood at a young age.  She also counts her sister Grace as another best friend even though they’ve had their share of differences over the years.  These are the people with whom she shares everything because she trusts them completely after everything they’ve gone through together.

with Grace

10 March 2012

[Profile] Audrey

Audrey Evans
: 25
:  September 27
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Audrey is a bit of a mystery to those who don’t know her.  At times, she is cool and calculating which makes her seem standoffish.  But she has an incredibly warm heart and fiercely protects those she loves the most.  She has trouble opening up at first, but once you’ve won her over she’s a true sweetheart.

                  When Audrey’s sister disappeared to pursue her new dreams in a new country, Audrey was left in charge of her niece Sophie.  It’s hard caring for a child when you’re a full-time musician, especially one who isn’t technically yours.  Many criticize this choice, either saying that she can’t properly care for Sophie or that she’s throwing her own life away.  But Audrey adores her niece and would never have left her motherless or unloved.  And despite what others may think, she makes it work so that Sophie gets all the love and attention she deserves (especially from Audrey’s band mates) and she can still reach her dreams.

                  Audrey is especially thankful for all of her friends.  They were all there for her before she was left with Sophie and they’ve all supported her decision to care for the young girl since.  They constantly offer to do things to help, in order to lighten Audrey’s load which means the world to her.  They keep her grounded and make it possible for her to do what she loves everyday.  She adores them for it.

Audrey and Sophie

07 March 2012

I have a problem.

I was at Kroger today, picking up a birthday cake for my mom since tomorrow's her birthday.  When I was in the aisle with the birthday candles, there was a display with the birthstone Barbies.  Since I'm still just waiting for my birth month, I ignored them and continued on.  Having picked up candles, I turned back around and saw another display with Fashionistas.  I'm walking towards them and I see the price is $7.99.  And I'm like, "Oh, it's probably just for the birthstone ones and they put these in the wrong place."  Nope.  Wrong.  Kroger was selling Fashionistas for $8.  That is the cheapest I've ever seen them.  Prior to that, the least I'd paid was $10.  I have no self restraint.  I picked her up immediately--mostly because she should match Audrey's skin tone much better than the body she's on right now.  And she came home with me.  I've been in love with this dress since I first saw her months ago.  So a new body for Audrey and a new dress for the wardrobe.  Score!

Also, my first reroot is coming along pretty well.  It's taking a while, but I watch Merlin while I'm doing it.  And I'm having fun anyway.  I'm really excited about this doll I'm making.  Possible picture updates on her soon to see the progress.  :)

04 March 2012

Busy busy

I don't know why, but this semester is really hitting me hard.  It's not like there's all that much more work than usual with the exception of Capstone.  Maybe it's because this is it and I'll be graduating college in May?  Scary.  But for whatever reason, I feel like I'm going nonstop.  So doll time gets put off until the weekends most of the time, despite other plans.  Hopefully, if I work my butt off, I'll be able to complete Capstone early enough and get it out of the way and decrease the stress.  And I really want to work more doll time into my schedule.  So we'll see...

In other news, I'm starting my first reroot.  Fingers crossed it goes well.  I know it's going to take a lot of patience, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I think tomorrow I'll update with some profiles to continue introducing my dolls since I really want their characters to start being presented.