07 March 2012

I have a problem.

I was at Kroger today, picking up a birthday cake for my mom since tomorrow's her birthday.  When I was in the aisle with the birthday candles, there was a display with the birthstone Barbies.  Since I'm still just waiting for my birth month, I ignored them and continued on.  Having picked up candles, I turned back around and saw another display with Fashionistas.  I'm walking towards them and I see the price is $7.99.  And I'm like, "Oh, it's probably just for the birthstone ones and they put these in the wrong place."  Nope.  Wrong.  Kroger was selling Fashionistas for $8.  That is the cheapest I've ever seen them.  Prior to that, the least I'd paid was $10.  I have no self restraint.  I picked her up immediately--mostly because she should match Audrey's skin tone much better than the body she's on right now.  And she came home with me.  I've been in love with this dress since I first saw her months ago.  So a new body for Audrey and a new dress for the wardrobe.  Score!

Also, my first reroot is coming along pretty well.  It's taking a while, but I watch Merlin while I'm doing it.  And I'm having fun anyway.  I'm really excited about this doll I'm making.  Possible picture updates on her soon to see the progress.  :)


  1. That cheap? I must find a Kroger near my house now!

  2. Verona- Yes! You really should try and if you find one hopefully they're priced similarly. I was so excited!

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new Barbie. The dress I like. You made a very good buy. Congratulations to your mother for her birthday. I hope you come over very well. Keep in touch.

  4. Wow, Charlotte doesn't have a Krogers so you did real well. Happy Birthday to your mother!!. As long as your taking your time with the re-root you'll do great!

  5. Hello Alura! I also have this fashonist and I take photos with her are it is great to take them! see on my blog the result:)

  6. I just found your blog and am working thru your posts. When I saw this post re the Fashionista's at Kroger, I just had to tell you about them at my Kroger. During the same timeframe as your find, I spotted them also for the $7.99 and picked up 4 of them as candidates for body donation as well as some additions to my collection. At the register, after swiping my Kroger card, they range up at just $5.00 each! I then started a covert mission to get as many as I could, and sent in my daughter to get 3 more and we checked them out at the self serve. A few days later, I picked up 4 more and then when I still saw them a week later, I scooped up some of the boy dolls too. It was awesome!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. :) To this day, I wish I had picked up more when I had the chance! It was such a stellar price. I could have had so many extra body donors. $5 is even better! Congrats on getting them!