10 March 2012

[Profile] Audrey

Audrey Evans
: 25
:  September 27
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Audrey is a bit of a mystery to those who don’t know her.  At times, she is cool and calculating which makes her seem standoffish.  But she has an incredibly warm heart and fiercely protects those she loves the most.  She has trouble opening up at first, but once you’ve won her over she’s a true sweetheart.

                  When Audrey’s sister disappeared to pursue her new dreams in a new country, Audrey was left in charge of her niece Sophie.  It’s hard caring for a child when you’re a full-time musician, especially one who isn’t technically yours.  Many criticize this choice, either saying that she can’t properly care for Sophie or that she’s throwing her own life away.  But Audrey adores her niece and would never have left her motherless or unloved.  And despite what others may think, she makes it work so that Sophie gets all the love and attention she deserves (especially from Audrey’s band mates) and she can still reach her dreams.

                  Audrey is especially thankful for all of her friends.  They were all there for her before she was left with Sophie and they’ve all supported her decision to care for the young girl since.  They constantly offer to do things to help, in order to lighten Audrey’s load which means the world to her.  They keep her grounded and make it possible for her to do what she loves everyday.  She adores them for it.

Audrey and Sophie


  1. Great profile! Audrey does seem like a sweetheart!

  2. This should be an interesting story line. Musicians have children all the time, so cutie pie Sophie should be okay. Getting love is the most important thing of all. Every thing else will fall into place.

  3. Verona--thanks! I'm really excited about her. She's one of my favorites at the moment. :)
    Vanessa--Yeah, I'm sure she and Sophie will be just fine, especially with all the love and support behind them. :)

  4. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your photos. I love you Audrey and Sophie. The story is very nice. Good thing the girl is someone who cares with love. We remain in contact blog to blog.