15 April 2012

Getting ready for Rod & Danielle's wedding!

I'm glad there will be an overflow room at Rod & Danielle's wedding.  An entire group of my girls insisted on going.  Here they are before getting ready to leave!




Mari--her hair refused to cooperate


with little sister Stacie

 They're on their way now and I'm sure they will have a wonderful time!

An early graduation present

It's now less than a month until I graduate college.  (Absolutely terrifying!)  This morning I was looking at new cameras online.  After graduation, I'm going with a class to London.  So I wanted a nicer camera for that, as well as a few concerts I'm going to this summer.  But I also wanted to get a camera that could take pictures that are less blurry without flash, as well as one that could zoom in and get detail to take pictures of my dolls.

My mom said that if I wanted she and my dad would pay for it as my graduation present.  So we went after I finished my research and picked up a Panasonic Lumix ZS8.  I'm in love.  I just tested it on the dolls.  The macro feature is beautiful.  I can now zoom ridiculously close and I can take much better pictures with natural lighting.

So basically here comes a picspam since I'm excited.

11 April 2012

New girls

So these perfect beauties arrived in the mail yesterday.


Princess Grace

In her new home in my bedroom.
I'm keeping Grace for display only.  No alterations.  She's too perfect.

Annalise with her new bass

Also, on Monday I got a number of instruments in the mail.  The girls are really excited to have new instruments.

Skipper with her new guitar

Summer with her new electric guitar

Summer with her new acoustic

the instruments

I knew before I got her that she would end up being a character and not just for display.  But I wasn't sure who she was until I got her upstairs with the rest of the dolls.  So there should be a profile on her soon.

07 April 2012

Major shopping spree

Somewhat of a rambling post ahead, due to lots of excitement.  Sorry.

Ignore the bad phone quality of these pictures.  I didn't feel like finding my camera in my bag.  But we went to a different Walmart today.  Usually we stick to a certain two, but we were over near my mom's school today and decided to stop by the one there.  They were so much better stocked than my usual one. The first thing I saw upon entering the aisle was this Raquelle doll.  

I do not know where I have been, but I haven't seen these more recent Fashionistas.  None of my Walmarts or Targets have them.  After I grabbed her, I saw two new Barbies and a new Summer.  I wasn't too fond of their outfits at this point (looking back I like them a bit more), but I thought Raquelle's was interesting and I've wanted a Raquelle that wasn't for OOAK, so I kept her.  They didn't have Teresa, Nikki, or the guys which is a shame because from the picture on the back of the box I think I might like them.  But yeah.  Here are some shots because I was ridiculously excited to see different dolls than are at my usual places.

So here is Raquelle at home out of her box.  I'm not sure how I feel about the sleeve, but other than that I really think I like the dress.

I am obsessed with these shoes.  I have a pair in real life that look so much like them, so I was elated.

While at Walmart, I also spotted a great deal of the S.I.S. dolls.  As they have relatively few at my other Walmarts and Targets, I was thrilled.  I picked up the Trichelle I'd been wanting.  I wasn't planning on rebodying her tonight, but then I ended up in the clearance section.  There was this Liv doll I'd been looking at online whose dress and shoes I really wanted--and you never know when another articulated body will come in handy.  Well, they had her for $9 here, rather than the $12 or $13 I was going to pay.  So Trichelle came home and got a new body.

The past two days haven't been my best and my mom thought she'd give me an early Easter present to cheer me up.  I honestly had no clue what it was going to be.  I kind of flipped out when I saw it was the Ken Mini Cooper.  I've been wanting it forever but haven't wanted to splurge on it.  (I know.  Flawed logic when I've spent who knows how much this weekend alone on dolls.)  I was so excited!!! Initially my plans for the car had been to give it to Skipper.  But Brie took one look at it and snatched it up.  So we'll just let her have it.

I still don't know who the Trichelle and Raquelle dolls are yet.  The Raquelle might be Averie's sister.  Averie is my current Raquelle who's in the process of being rerooted--which was put on hold because of my Capstone but will resume shortly.  But I will definitely profile these new girls as soon as I figure them out.

I kind of felt bad for spending all this money on dolls over the past few days, but at the same time they've managed to cheer me up immensely, so...I think it's okay.  I just have to try to keep myself on a stricter budget for the future.  (There might be one more doll on the way before that happens though.)

06 April 2012

[Profile] Brie

Bridget "Brie" Hamilton
: 20
:  October 25
Occupation:  actress
Relationship Status:  it's complicated

                  Brie Hamilton is best known for her starring role in the young adult drama Checkmate, where she plays Lisette Dodge, a crafty teen operative for a spy agency.  While she and her character differ in many ways, Brie is just as wickedly clever as Lisette.  If she wanted to, it wouldn’t be hard for her to manipulate people into giving her what she wants.  But in the end, Brie never acts on those cunning impulses, except when she feels they’re absolutely necessary—generally when she’s going all out to protect her friends.  Threaten her friends and Brie becomes catty.

                  In the past, tabloids have overflowed with articles about her on-again, off-again relationship with costar Shane Robinson.  But rumor has it that she’s currently got her eye on Martin West, heartthrob from up-and-coming boy-band South of Never.  Only time will tell if sparks fly there or if it’s all just talk.

                  When she’s not busy with her show or movie commitments, she’s generally seen in the company of any number of friends she’s accumulated during her time in Hollywood, especially best friend Annalise Foster.  Her favorite pastime?  Bowling.  She’s not particularly talented in that area and jokes around that she always uses bumpers, but it’s a fun way for her to unwind with those closest to her.

                  What’s next for Brie?  A little birdy told us that she’s in talks to star in the movie adaptation of Averie Anderson’s hit book series.

Baby, you're a glitter doll (on the radio)

Audrey Evans, Summer Roberts, Mari Lin, Annalise Foster, and Skipper Roberts
So here's a peek at the girls of the band.  I'm still deciding on a name--kind of leaning toward Glitter Dolls (I have been listening to the Click 5's first album way too much as of late).  But honestly, I'm really bad at naming bands.  So we'll see.

Summer caused all kinds of trouble throughout this photo shoot.  She kept knocking the other girls over when she went to situate herself...in every single pose.  (And it's not like we were being elaborate.)  Oh, and Skipper's boyfriend photobombed most shots and had to be cropped out.  Silly boy.  ;)

Now for some with the instruments (still need to get another guitar for Summer and a bass for Annalise, so everyone's kind of sharing here):
Band logo on the front coming after I decide on a name.

I could just hear my grandmother telling her to get her bangs out of her face, like she always used to tell me...hahaha.  But I digress.

Still adore Annalise.  She's such a stunner.  I am so glad I bought her.