06 April 2012

Baby, you're a glitter doll (on the radio)

Audrey Evans, Summer Roberts, Mari Lin, Annalise Foster, and Skipper Roberts
So here's a peek at the girls of the band.  I'm still deciding on a name--kind of leaning toward Glitter Dolls (I have been listening to the Click 5's first album way too much as of late).  But honestly, I'm really bad at naming bands.  So we'll see.

Summer caused all kinds of trouble throughout this photo shoot.  She kept knocking the other girls over when she went to situate herself...in every single pose.  (And it's not like we were being elaborate.)  Oh, and Skipper's boyfriend photobombed most shots and had to be cropped out.  Silly boy.  ;)

Now for some with the instruments (still need to get another guitar for Summer and a bass for Annalise, so everyone's kind of sharing here):
Band logo on the front coming after I decide on a name.

I could just hear my grandmother telling her to get her bangs out of her face, like she always used to tell me...hahaha.  But I digress.

Still adore Annalise.  She's such a stunner.  I am so glad I bought her.


  1. They look slamming together! I can't wait to hear what their name is going to be!

    1. Thanks! I'm so pleased with them all. Still brainstorming names.

  2. I love your singer dolls! They are so sweet!Kisses
    Adoro as tuas barbies cantoras! São tão fofas!Beijos