05 April 2012

Oh how I love the FedEx truck.

I ordered a doll just a few days ago.  I realized today that she had already shipped and since my mom and I are doing a trial version of Amazon Prime we get free 2 day shipping on anything that's eligible.  Just a little bit later, I happened to look out the window and there was the FedEx truck parked outside of my house.  When the woman got out, I recognized that it was an Amazon box.  I got my dog on the leash since she hadn't been out yet and ran outside in my pajamas to retrieve the box.

This afternoon I went out and did some shopping...mostly because this new girl needed a body since the spare one I had was too light to match.  I went to Target, TRU, and Walmart--just to look at things.  I didn't end up spending all that much actually.  I got a Fashionista body for the new girl.  At TRU, I actually ended up buying Hunger Games stuff instead of doll stuff.  (I know--I was surprised too.)  And at Walmart I got two new doll outfits.

Once I got home, I rebodied Brie.  I've really gotten the hang of it and I did it in record time.

Pictures of her and her profile are scheduled for sometime tomorrow, as is a sneak peek of the band (since each of the member profiles are up as of Mari's post earlier).  :)

Now I'm off to power through my Capstone so that I have more play time this weekend!

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