05 April 2012

[Profile] Mari

Mari Nakano
: 22
:  December 19
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Mari is a quiet individual who expresses herself more clearly in music than in speaking.  Most people mistake her for being shy, but she’s not.  She just spends a lot of time thinking before she opens her mouth, carefully forming her ideas into clear theses so as not to be misunderstood.  But her silence comes more from careful consideration than any fear of speaking.  In fact, she quite likes being around people because it gives her a chance to observe and take in the world around her.

                  Only in music is she loud.  People have said that she’s a different person once she gets onstage.  Her confidence shines through and she draws you in.  She knows her instrument, the keyboard, like the back of her hand and it shows.

                  At first, you wouldn’t think someone so quiet would be outgoing enough to make as many friends as Mari has, but she’s actually a blast and people adore her.  Her band mates count themselves lucky to know her.


  1. Mari sounds awsome! A thoughtful person, who rocks out on stage! I have been looking for one for a while, but I have Tori and Chelsie.

    1. Thanks! The Generation Girls are one group of dolls that managed to stick around between when I was little and when I started collecting again. Good luck on finding one of her though!

  2. Isn't she a wonderful doll? I didn't realize it until I added her to my collection. She is such a treat in person.

    1. She really is! I don't think I truly appreciated her when I first had her as a kid, but now I adore her.