30 May 2012

I'm baaaaaaack.

Long time, no see.  I had an incredible time in London.  I feel like I learned a lot and managed to become a bit more independent.  (I guess two days wandering around London by yourself minus the fifteen people you're with can do that for you.)  Most of the time, we were going nonstop and I was so ready to come home when Sunday came around.  But lucky us...we had a 10 hour delay at London Heathrow.  It was terrible.  But I'm home now, so it's all good.  :)

We went to a lot of museums.  I think it was the British Museum (maybe?) that had this really great dollhouse that was probably from the Victorian period.  I didn't take any pictures, but I really enjoyed looking at it and some of Victoria's own dolls.  That was pretty awesome.

The past two days I've been taking a lot of pictures of my girls, as they get ready for summer.  We just had a pretty long shoot in the backyard that was only ended when my dog escaped from her leash and tried to break out of the yard.

But I'll share some of the better shots I got now.  This is for a Stars of Summer magazine spread which features the band who are releasing their new album this summer and Brie with the other stars of the new Checkmate film.






Now here are the girls of Checkmate, promoting the series' big screen debut.
Stacie who plays Lisette Dodge's younger sister


Valerie Anderson who you will officially be introduced to very soon.  She plays opposite Brie in the Checkmate series as a double agent.

Real life best friends, onscreen frenemies.

More pictures and profiles coming soon.  I'm on creative overdrive and ready to go.

16 May 2012

[Profile] Holly Everett

Holly Everett
: 28
:  August 27
Occupation:  publicist
Relationship Status:  in a relationship

                Holly is a major publicist whose clients include the likes of Skipper's band, Mitchie Garcia, Brie Hamilton, and Averie Anderson.  She works with many types of professions in the industry, including musicians, actors, and authors.  She is a no nonsense type of woman.  She only takes on clients who are absolutely serious about their careers and are willing to put the effort needed to get them to the top.  She won’t put up with the dramatics of celebrities who are simply fame-obsessed.  She’s turned away many new young stars for just this reason, knowing very well how uncooperative they are.

                  But behind her serious demeanor lies a compassionate woman who really cares about those closest to her.  Unlike some publicists, she won’t put her clients into uncomfortable situations just for the sake of publicity.  She knows exactly what her clients can handle and just how to spin certain situations in order to protect them from the harsh world of the media. 

06 May 2012

End of the term

 I haven't posted in forever, mostly because I've been busy finishing up with school.  It's been almost 3 weeks since I gave my massive thesis presentation which went pretty well.  Then I've just been dealing with other end of term business.  Friday was my official last day of classes of my undergraduate career. I was actually quite sad as I have adored college.  This coming week is exam week.  But as an English major, I only actually have one exam and a few papers.  So no big deal.

And then on Saturday?  On Saturday, I will officially graduate college.  Then on Sunday night I'll be heading off to London.  I'm going with a class and I'll be there for two weeks.  (Terrified about leaving the country and flying over the ocean, by the way.)  And that means leaving my dolls for two weeks.  (But I mean, it is London, my dream city, so I'll be having a blast.)

So I'm going to be a busy bee this week and whip out some doll pictures and profiles and schedule them to post while I'm gone.

Anyway, I was messing around with my camera this evening, so here are a few quick shots of Stacie.

Then here's Stacie with Skipper post primping.

When I get back, the official job hunt truly begins.  I might have a lot of free time on my hands at the beginning.