16 May 2012

[Profile] Holly Everett

Holly Everett
: 28
:  August 27
Occupation:  publicist
Relationship Status:  in a relationship

                Holly is a major publicist whose clients include the likes of Skipper's band, Mitchie Garcia, Brie Hamilton, and Averie Anderson.  She works with many types of professions in the industry, including musicians, actors, and authors.  She is a no nonsense type of woman.  She only takes on clients who are absolutely serious about their careers and are willing to put the effort needed to get them to the top.  She won’t put up with the dramatics of celebrities who are simply fame-obsessed.  She’s turned away many new young stars for just this reason, knowing very well how uncooperative they are.

                  But behind her serious demeanor lies a compassionate woman who really cares about those closest to her.  Unlike some publicists, she won’t put her clients into uncomfortable situations just for the sake of publicity.  She knows exactly what her clients can handle and just how to spin certain situations in order to protect them from the harsh world of the media. 


  1. Very nice! A beautiful, and very serious business woman who puts her clients first. Gotta love her!

  2. She is cute! Love the background on her! Looking forward to seeing her in your stories:)

  3. Ahhh, tough girl with a soft side! I love it!

  4. Hello From Portugal! How are you Alura?
    The clothes of your barbie are great...

  5. Hello from spain:i like very much the background about Holli. She is very pretty. I like her skirt. Keep in touch

  6. I love her facial expression, she is all about making things happens!!