11 June 2012

[Profile] Shane

Charming for the cameras

Shane Robinson
: 22
:  August 15
Occupation:  actor
Relationship Status:  single

                 When Shane Robinson first came onto the scene in his first sitcom at the age of fifteen, he was squeaky clean in his image—the boy next door.  Now that he’s grown, some seem to think that the fame’s gone to his head.  Others believe that his new bad boy image—this heartbreaker act—is just a fa├žade that’s covering up something else, that maybe he’s just trying to prove himself or that he’s overcompensating.  His friends would be of this second school of thought.

                  After all, they know Shane best and he’s not that kind of guy when he’s just out around them.  And it’s not very hard to look past all of that and see that his heart of gold is still there below the surface.  Even as his reputation has morphed over the past few years, he’s stayed just as involved in his charity work as ever.  He honestly wants to help others more than anything else.  So he’s not completely selfish.

                  As Shane enters a new stage of his life, seemingly having called it quits with his Checkmate costar Brie Hamilton for good, only time will tell how this split has affected him and if we’ll see traces of the old Shane coming back to the foreground.

10 June 2012

[Profile] Nate

Nate Jackson
: 20
:  February 11
Occupation:  actor, producer, etc.
Relationship Status:  single

                  Nate is a California native who’s spent his whole life watching people come to Los Angeles in pursuit of their dreams.  He’s seen plenty of them fail, give up, return home—even ones who could have made it if they stuck it out just a little bit longer.  He’s seen people break into the business who care nothing about the work itself and just the fame.  But he’s also seen the handful who truly shine—who know what they deserve and demand that they get it.  It’s those types that make him truly love Hollywood, despite all its drama.  It’s also those types that have inspired him to stay in the game, to keep acting and writing himself, to continue dreaming of directing and producing on a larger scale.

                  Even with all of the shallow people one can find out in a town like Los Angeles, Nate has been lucky enough to find some of the most down-to-earth people and he’s grateful to call them his friends.  When you’re friends with people as well known as the girls of Daisy Chain, the cast of Checkmate, and one of the new bestselling authors in young adult fiction, you’re sure to catch the attention of the media.  It may seem like some crazy publicity stunt—them pretending to get along just to appease the masses.  But Nate genuinely likes each and every one of them.

                  They’re not without their flaws, but Nate surely isn’t either.  While he’s got his heart in the right place, he’s also famous for his short temper which has gotten him into altercation with the media (especially paparazzi) in the past.  And mess with his friends?  He’ll be sure to show his darker side then.  Nasty rumors about himself he can handle better than those spread about his loved ones.

                  Current projects include his new role in Checkmate, as well as the upcoming release of the first film where he acted as executive producer.  (Pretty impressive for his age, isn’t it?)  Rumor has it that he’s also been working with friend Averie Anderson on the screenplay for the movie adaptations of her hit young adult series.  With that combination and a possible starring spot for Brie Hamilton, it sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

09 June 2012

[Profile] Valerie

Valerie Anderson
: 25
:  November 9
Occupation:  actress
Relationship Status:  single

                  Valerie rose to stardom with her starring spot on tween sitcom Rise at the age of thirteen.  Since then, she’s had more than her share of roles in various television shows and films.  What’s she’s best known for currently is her part on Checkmate where she plays opposite Brie Hamilton’s Lisette Dodge as rogue spy and sometimes double agent Adele Prewitt.  While Adele isn’t always presented as the villain, Valerie admits she enjoys acting out the complexities of Adele, especially when it comes to her darker moments.

                  When she’s not busy with everything involving her own career, she’s usually helping out with her youngest sister’s.  She and middle sister Averie take turns as Annabelle’s chaperones when their parents can’t be in California to help with the minor.  The three sisters are often seen in public together, enjoying moments of bonding where their schedules permit.

                  Other than that, Valerie doesn’t stick to just one group of friends.  She’s a social butterfly, flitting from event to event, always meeting people and making plans.  She thinks that the more people who have got your back the better.

08 June 2012

[Profile] Stacie

Stacie Roberts

Stacie Roberts
: 13
:  July 24
Occupation:  actress

                  Following in the footsteps of her older sisters, Stacie stepped into the spotlight at a young age, booking numerous commercials and guest-starring roles on various primetime television series, including a stint on Checkmate as Lisette Dodge’s younger sister Honey.  Last year, she landed the lead role of Penny in Denton Academy, a dramedy aimed at tweens, and has become very popular with this age group as a result.

                  Despite her recent rise to fame, Stacie holds onto the values instilled in her by her parents.  She is always grateful for the success with which she has been blessed.  She manages to stay humble and down-to-earth with the help of those who love her and keep her anchored firmly on the ground.

                  Still a preteen, Stacie has many dreams and sees many different possibilities for her future.  Right now, her greatest aspiration is to one day write her very own screenplay and direct and produce it for the big screen.

So I think I went a bit crazy...

I've had major doll-related shopping sprees in the time since I've been home.  I've been home less than two weeks and I think I've already bought nine dolls.  Most of them won't be appearing on here for some time, as some girls really need body donors to get them the way I want them.  Two are on their way.  But I'll share a few.

I've been arguing with myself on and off for the past year over the Taylor Swift dolls because I'm an indecisive mess when it comes to spending sometimes.  Well, I've watched her prices go up on the internet recently.  Amazon had the basic ones at twice the Big Lots price.  Well, I found this one hiding at Big Lots this afternoon.  I'm convinced it was fate, so even though she makes nine, she came home.

Finally finally finally got Jacob as well.  Used to be a massive Twilight fan.  I kind of grew out of it after the third movie and I'm not really as interested now.  But I do like the dolls and I'm still head over heels for Taylor Lautner, so he's been on my list for a while.  He finally arrived in the mail yesterday.  :)

Holly wanted to show off her new favorite dress that came in the Stardoll pack that I finally got around to purchasing.

Now here are some sneak peeks from profiles that are coming up soon.

There are quite a few rooms that are falling into place right now, although I can't stay focused on just one which is why none are actually complete yet, but that will all come soon.  :)