11 June 2012

[Profile] Shane

Charming for the cameras

Shane Robinson
: 22
:  August 15
Occupation:  actor
Relationship Status:  single

                 When Shane Robinson first came onto the scene in his first sitcom at the age of fifteen, he was squeaky clean in his image—the boy next door.  Now that he’s grown, some seem to think that the fame’s gone to his head.  Others believe that his new bad boy image—this heartbreaker act—is just a façade that’s covering up something else, that maybe he’s just trying to prove himself or that he’s overcompensating.  His friends would be of this second school of thought.

                  After all, they know Shane best and he’s not that kind of guy when he’s just out around them.  And it’s not very hard to look past all of that and see that his heart of gold is still there below the surface.  Even as his reputation has morphed over the past few years, he’s stayed just as involved in his charity work as ever.  He honestly wants to help others more than anything else.  So he’s not completely selfish.

                  As Shane enters a new stage of his life, seemingly having called it quits with his Checkmate costar Brie Hamilton for good, only time will tell how this split has affected him and if we’ll see traces of the old Shane coming back to the foreground.


  1. Handsome guy! I have him to, as I bought him when he first came out. Sounds like a real smooth talker.

    1. I've had him since the summer Camp Rock came out as well, but he's finally getting some use now instead of just sitting on a shelf. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: Shane Robinson is a very nice guy. I have not but I really like. Camp Rock is also very successful in my country. Keep in touch.

  3. What a nice smile he has! Most dolls with big smiles come off looking a little cheesy, but his seems rather natural.