09 June 2012

[Profile] Valerie

Valerie Anderson
: 25
:  November 9
Occupation:  actress
Relationship Status:  single

                  Valerie rose to stardom with her starring spot on tween sitcom Rise at the age of thirteen.  Since then, she’s had more than her share of roles in various television shows and films.  What’s she’s best known for currently is her part on Checkmate where she plays opposite Brie Hamilton’s Lisette Dodge as rogue spy and sometimes double agent Adele Prewitt.  While Adele isn’t always presented as the villain, Valerie admits she enjoys acting out the complexities of Adele, especially when it comes to her darker moments.

                  When she’s not busy with everything involving her own career, she’s usually helping out with her youngest sister’s.  She and middle sister Averie take turns as Annabelle’s chaperones when their parents can’t be in California to help with the minor.  The three sisters are often seen in public together, enjoying moments of bonding where their schedules permit.

                  Other than that, Valerie doesn’t stick to just one group of friends.  She’s a social butterfly, flitting from event to event, always meeting people and making plans.  She thinks that the more people who have got your back the better.


  1. Hello!
    Your barbie is pretty and kind.
    She is a good actress xD.

  2. She sounds very intresting and down to earth.