29 July 2012

Checkmate: Out of Time

Regarding the show:

check·mate  transitive verb 
1. To attack (a chess opponent's king) in such a manner that no escape or defense is possible, thus ending the game.
2. To defeat completely.

                  In a game of chess, checkmate is the goal.  Checkmate your opponent’s king and you’ve won.  The Agency has spent years training its operatives to do just this in the real world.  Their lives are, for all intents and purposes, a big game of chess, always striving to stay one step ahead of their rivals.  In recent years, The Agency has introduced a special unit of teen operatives to the force.  Captaining this group is Lisette Dodge, beautiful, fiery, and clever as anything.  Will she be able to lead her team to an ultimate checkmate or will they lose the game?

Checkmate:  Out of Time
Stacie Roberts as Honey
Valerie Anderson as Adele
Brie Hamilton as Lisette
                  For the first time ever, Checkmate comes to the big screen in this summer blockbuster.  When The Agency is under attack from its biggest adversary KING, it’s up to Lisette Dodge (Brie Hamilton) and her team of teen spies to infiltrate the enemy base and put an end to their shady dealings.  But KING knows more than they should about the goings-on of The Agency, leading to the realization that a double agent is in their midst.  When she realizes that her sometimes best friend Adele (Valerie Anderson) may be in ranks with KING, Lisette is forced to question all those around her, including her longtime crush Kip (Shane Robinson).  With only the help of younger sister Honey (Stacie Roberts), Lisette is determined to bring down KING once and for all.
                  Leading into Checkmate’s highly anticipated fifth season, Out of Time will challenge all you know.  Trust no one.  This summer, everything changes.

Exclusives from the promo shoot:
Lisette vs. Adele
Lisette with Kip
The moment audiences have waited for.

Here the cast poses together for a candid shot.

25 July 2012

[Profile] Katherine

Katherine West
Age:  26
Birthday:  December 24
Occupation:  Reporter
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Peyton, Martin

                  The oldest child of entertainment moguls Nadine and Arnold West, Katherine grew up with an interest in show business.  But it didn’t turn her into an attention seeker like her younger sister.  She didn’t even want to be in the spotlight in the way that her brother did.  Instead, she strived for success in reporting.  Katherine isn’t one of the more sleazy members of the media who harass the famous.  She knows she couldn’t live with herself if she was taunting her brother and his friends everyday of their lives.  She found her niche reporting on late night entertainment shows which led to her very own afternoon talk show where she interviews celebrities in what she knows is a respectable fashion.

                  Because of her determination to always behave properly, she often grows frustrated with her younger sister Peyton.  While their brother Martin still looks on the baby of the family affectionately, Katherine grows tired of Peyton’s antics.  Whereas before she knew how to tolerate her sister, she now loses patience with her over the simplest of matters.  It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Peyton.  She does.  Really.  In fact, she’s only so hard on Peyton because she herself feels a responsibility over the girl and blames herself for not being a good enough role model.  The true mark of how much she cares is that she hasn’t given up on Peyton.

                  To some, Katherine can seem closed off and cold.  Her drive and persistence can be a bit off-putting at first.  But once you get past the rough edges, you find she’s the kind of person who wants to take care of you, who makes sure you feel valued.  And really, that’s reason enough to give her a chance.

24 July 2012

[Profile] Peyton

Peyton West
Age:  17
Birthday:  November 5
Occupation:  Socialite
Relationship Status:  always on the prowl
Siblings:  Katherine, Martin

                  Peyton is spoiled.  Being the youngest child in a wealthy family has given her a sense of entitlement.  Sometimes it’s quite obvious that she thinks the world revolves around her.  Growing up in the spotlight hasn’t helped matters any.  While older siblings Martin and Katherine learned to adjust to the attention, Peyton learned to need it.  It’s such a staple in her life that she sometimes manipulates situations just to capture the attention of the media.

                  She didn’t get famous because of talents of her own (although she certainly has some).  She garnered attention as a child of Nadine and Arnold West, heads of some of the top forms of media in the entertainment industry.  She continues to ride on their coattails as well as those of her musician brother and reporter sister, stirring up drama whenever her stardom falters.  (This usually involves trying to steal the hearts of any of Hollywood’s current teen heartthrobs.)

                  She doesn’t mean any harm by her actions though.  She just hasn’t known any other way of living, despite her siblings’ never-ending attempts to get her involved in something more productive.  There’s always hope that she’ll see the light. 

with Katherine

family portrait

23 July 2012

[Profile] Martin

Martin West
Age:  22
Birthday:  March 10
Occupation:  Musician
Relationship Status:  currently crushing on Brie Hamilton
SiblingsKatherine, Peyton

                  Martin’s band, South of Never, got their big break last summer when they toured as Daisy Chain’s opening act.  With boy bands on the rise again, South of Never has found its niche and is catching the attention of girls everywhere.  And with a leader like Martin, how could they not?  Martin is everything a young pop idol should be:  confident, charismatic, and talented.  He’s also attractive in a wholesome bring-home-to-Mom sort of way.  It isn’t hard to see why Brie Hamilton is so smitten with him.

                  But everything isn’t all sunshine and daisies for Martin.  His rumored attachment to the popular actress has also stirred up stories of bad blood between him and Brie’s former beau, Shane Robinson.  While Shane has neither encouraged nor discouraged the drama, some of his most insane—erm, we mean dedicated—fans have declared World War III on Mr. West.  We hope things settle down in this regard soon.

                  After all, Martin’s been hit with the worst of the blows in this pointless battle.  Just because he’s had a fairly happy life and a good upbringing doesn’t mean everything’s been handed to him on a silver platter.  Mummy and Daddy didn’t buy him the fame he has today.  He got there all on his own.  He earned it.

                  Luckily, Martin isn’t the type to let silly rumors and negative energy get him down.  He knows he has a lot to be thankful for and he tries to focus on all of the good things happening to him, rather than the bad.  In that, we wish him the best of luck.  Here’s hoping the rumor mill finds something else for gossip fodder quickly!

posing with Katherine & Peyton for a family portrait

22 July 2012

[Profile] Grace


Grace Garcia
Age:  21
Birthday:  July 22
Occupation:  Actress
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Mitchie

                  Grace Garcia is the epitome of the girl next door, sweet-faced and gracious with a beautiful sense of humor.  She’s optimistic but not in a way that’s so cheery it hurts.  She’s not na├»ve.  She knows that things aren’t perfect.  In her life, she’s had her share of low points.  She’s witnessed the demons her younger sister Mitchie used to experience on a daily basis.  But she’s also seen the good in the world—the beautiful things that happen everyday when you least expect them.  And that’s what gives her faith to keep moving on.

                  It’s this optimistic outlook that makes Grace spectacularly good at cheering her friends up.  If you need her to listen, she’ll listen.  But if you want a joke to take your mind away from the pain, she’ll offer you a laugh.  To this day, Mitchie swears that Grace’s positive personality helped her to hang in there and pull through her darkest moments.

                  Grace uses the fame gained from her acting career as a platform to share her positivity.  She knows that being in the spotlight has made her a role model and she’s determined to teach her younger fans what she knows, leading by example.  Grace participates in many charities and works as a spokesperson for organizations that offer hope.  She knows that the world won’t change overnight, but she also knows that it won’t change at all if she doesn’t do her part.

21 July 2012

Motivation (or lack thereof)

I haven't posted in forever.  I just haven't had the motivation over the past few weeks (for playing and taking pictures and...just a lot of stuff in general).  But I've been doing a lot of spending, so there have been new additions here.  Some of my new favorites I ended up getting on my birthday...which was three weeks ago, but that's beside the point.

First, my daddy bought me my first Merida doll.  This is significant because this is the first doll he bought me since I started collecting again.  But he knew that Brave was my new favorite movie and that I loved dolls and so he got her for me.  She means the world for me for that reason alone.  After I opened her, I was sitting there playing with her hair and he goes, "So yeah, you can dismember her or whatever."  xD  But I will not be, as she'll be displayed with my other princesses.  She's really special to me.

Then my mom knew I wanted the articulated Merida from the Disney Store, so I ended up with her as well...which I am definitely not complaining because I adore them both.  So... :)

Finally, Mom got me Disney Animators Collection Rapunzel doll who is just darling.  I already have Belle.  (I got Merida today.)

So yeah, three weeks late, but those are my birthday dolls.  <3

Meanwhile, some of my dolls have been acquiring new bodies.  Quite a few LIV dolls have kindly donated in the past few weeks.

Alex (now renamed Grace) has been the hardest to pin down.  I still haven't found an exact match for her yet, but it's not too bad, so we're keeping this one for the moment.  Profile for her soon.

posing with Mitchie
And here is a sneak preview of the newest set of siblings to come to town who I hope to have profiles up for soon as well.

Martin, Katherine, and Peyton West
So hi.  I'm back.  :)