25 July 2012

[Profile] Katherine

Katherine West
Age:  26
Birthday:  December 24
Occupation:  Reporter
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Peyton, Martin

                  The oldest child of entertainment moguls Nadine and Arnold West, Katherine grew up with an interest in show business.  But it didn’t turn her into an attention seeker like her younger sister.  She didn’t even want to be in the spotlight in the way that her brother did.  Instead, she strived for success in reporting.  Katherine isn’t one of the more sleazy members of the media who harass the famous.  She knows she couldn’t live with herself if she was taunting her brother and his friends everyday of their lives.  She found her niche reporting on late night entertainment shows which led to her very own afternoon talk show where she interviews celebrities in what she knows is a respectable fashion.

                  Because of her determination to always behave properly, she often grows frustrated with her younger sister Peyton.  While their brother Martin still looks on the baby of the family affectionately, Katherine grows tired of Peyton’s antics.  Whereas before she knew how to tolerate her sister, she now loses patience with her over the simplest of matters.  It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Peyton.  She does.  Really.  In fact, she’s only so hard on Peyton because she herself feels a responsibility over the girl and blames herself for not being a good enough role model.  The true mark of how much she cares is that she hasn’t given up on Peyton.

                  To some, Katherine can seem closed off and cold.  Her drive and persistence can be a bit off-putting at first.  But once you get past the rough edges, you find she’s the kind of person who wants to take care of you, who makes sure you feel valued.  And really, that’s reason enough to give her a chance.


  1. I have been loving these bios!! You have so much detail for each girl, guy and family!!! I always try to make up a bio for my girls, then end up rereading it and thinking "Ok, that's just stupid" LOL! Yours are excellent!!!

  2. Awww, tough on the outside, sweet and mushy on the inside! I agree with Heather, love these bios!