23 July 2012

[Profile] Martin

Martin West
Age:  22
Birthday:  March 10
Occupation:  Musician
Relationship Status:  currently crushing on Brie Hamilton
SiblingsKatherine, Peyton

                  Martin’s band, South of Never, got their big break last summer when they toured as Daisy Chain’s opening act.  With boy bands on the rise again, South of Never has found its niche and is catching the attention of girls everywhere.  And with a leader like Martin, how could they not?  Martin is everything a young pop idol should be:  confident, charismatic, and talented.  He’s also attractive in a wholesome bring-home-to-Mom sort of way.  It isn’t hard to see why Brie Hamilton is so smitten with him.

                  But everything isn’t all sunshine and daisies for Martin.  His rumored attachment to the popular actress has also stirred up stories of bad blood between him and Brie’s former beau, Shane Robinson.  While Shane has neither encouraged nor discouraged the drama, some of his most insane—erm, we mean dedicated—fans have declared World War III on Mr. West.  We hope things settle down in this regard soon.

                  After all, Martin’s been hit with the worst of the blows in this pointless battle.  Just because he’s had a fairly happy life and a good upbringing doesn’t mean everything’s been handed to him on a silver platter.  Mummy and Daddy didn’t buy him the fame he has today.  He got there all on his own.  He earned it.

                  Luckily, Martin isn’t the type to let silly rumors and negative energy get him down.  He knows he has a lot to be thankful for and he tries to focus on all of the good things happening to him, rather than the bad.  In that, we wish him the best of luck.  Here’s hoping the rumor mill finds something else for gossip fodder quickly!

posing with Katherine & Peyton for a family portrait


  1. Oh, fangirls. It's a good thing he doesn't let them get to him!

    1. I know--it's a good thing he has a good head on his shoulders.

  2. Love the pics. That new fashionista Ken looks awesome!