24 July 2012

[Profile] Peyton

Peyton West
Age:  17
Birthday:  November 5
Occupation:  Socialite
Relationship Status:  always on the prowl
Siblings:  Katherine, Martin

                  Peyton is spoiled.  Being the youngest child in a wealthy family has given her a sense of entitlement.  Sometimes it’s quite obvious that she thinks the world revolves around her.  Growing up in the spotlight hasn’t helped matters any.  While older siblings Martin and Katherine learned to adjust to the attention, Peyton learned to need it.  It’s such a staple in her life that she sometimes manipulates situations just to capture the attention of the media.

                  She didn’t get famous because of talents of her own (although she certainly has some).  She garnered attention as a child of Nadine and Arnold West, heads of some of the top forms of media in the entertainment industry.  She continues to ride on their coattails as well as those of her musician brother and reporter sister, stirring up drama whenever her stardom falters.  (This usually involves trying to steal the hearts of any of Hollywood’s current teen heartthrobs.)

                  She doesn’t mean any harm by her actions though.  She just hasn’t known any other way of living, despite her siblings’ never-ending attempts to get her involved in something more productive.  There’s always hope that she’ll see the light. 

with Katherine

family portrait

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  1. Socialite anybody? Notherless, she sounds entertaining!