22 August 2012

[Profile] Maya

Amaya Nakano
                  Starting as a model, Maya made her way into the ranks of esteemed fashion designers, finally creating her own fashion label sometime a few decades ago.  Now she’s one of the top names in fashion and is known for mentoring new young hopefuls and nurturing their dreams.  Sometimes she even hosts them on her label to help jumpstart their careers.

                  When she first started raising her two girls, it was easy to let her massive career get in the way of parenting.  But as time passed, she learned to prioritize and find the proper balance between work and family.  Now even though her daughters are both of age, she makes sure to spend as much time with them as possible, encouraging them each to follow their own creative pursuits.

21 August 2012

[Profile] Emi

Emi Nakano
Age:  18
Birthday:  January 15
Occupation:  student
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Mari

                  Unlike her mother and older sister, Emi has no real interest in the spotlight.  She’ll sometimes attend important events with them for support, but she doesn’t search for that attention herself.  In fact, she spends most of her time pursuing as normal a life as possible under the circumstances.  As of now, she’s a college student, simply majoring in fine arts with a focus on painting.

                  Sometimes it’s hard not knowing whether people truly want to be her friend or whether they just want a connection to a famous fashion designer and a popstar sister.  But Emi endeavors to be friendly to everyone, knowing that her true friends will stick with her in the long run.  She sees no reason to shut everyone out just because a handful of people have attempted to hurt her (and really, she’s more resilient than that anyway).

20 August 2012

[Profile] Averie

Age:  22
Birthday:  June 30
Occupation:  Author
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Valerie, Annabelle

                  Averie is a word lover, an expert story teller.  As a child, she captivated her peers with the tales she told on the playground.  As an adult, she has put that talent to use in her novels.  At the age of twenty-one, she’s already published three top-selling novels, one of which is the first in a series that’s set to be the next big thing.  (There are talks of a movie franchise in the near future.)

                  But life hasn’t always been a fairytale of success for her.  Initially, writing—like reading—was a way for her to escape, creating new worlds and characters to get away from the harsh reality of a sometimes crippling social anxiety.  In her stories, friends are easy to come by.  But in real life, Averie is only now overcoming the painful shyness that’s caused her to step back and observe the world from a far.  Even now, she sticks mostly to a close group of friends that she knows will always have her back.  But recently she’s overcome the anxiety enough to start being more comfortable around people and, by coming out of her shell, has gained more friends in the process.

                  Today she shares a house with her best friends Skipper, Summer, and Mitchie.  She also spends countless hours with her sisters, Valerie and Annabelle, when they’re not all caught up in their own projects.  The three girls make frequent trips back home to visit their doting parents who have always been their biggest cheerleaders.

with Annabelle and Valerie

with her roommates

19 August 2012

Introducing Averie

I've been working on this girl for months.  I initially wanted to reroot a doll to be like a mini version of myself.  Long story short, the reroot got pushed aside many many times for various reasons--the number one at the time being school.  I finally finished her hair today and attempted to add some freckles.  And ta-da!

Why I should not be allowed to have a computer with a built-in camera.
What amuses me the most is halfway through the reroot I dyed my actual hair blonde.  Go figure.  But I figure I'll end up reddish brunette again eventually.  But other than that, considering I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to painting so she's not getting any face paint adjustments, I'd say she looks pretty good.

me with Averie
I haven't had a chance to take proper pictures yet, but those will be coming ASAP along with her profile (which has literally been written for months just waiting for her to be finished).  Just wanted to give you a little sneak peek.