19 August 2012

Introducing Averie

I've been working on this girl for months.  I initially wanted to reroot a doll to be like a mini version of myself.  Long story short, the reroot got pushed aside many many times for various reasons--the number one at the time being school.  I finally finished her hair today and attempted to add some freckles.  And ta-da!

Why I should not be allowed to have a computer with a built-in camera.
What amuses me the most is halfway through the reroot I dyed my actual hair blonde.  Go figure.  But I figure I'll end up reddish brunette again eventually.  But other than that, considering I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to painting so she's not getting any face paint adjustments, I'd say she looks pretty good.

me with Averie
I haven't had a chance to take proper pictures yet, but those will be coming ASAP along with her profile (which has literally been written for months just waiting for her to be finished).  Just wanted to give you a little sneak peek.


  1. Gah! You both are so cute! Love how you parted her hair. Can't wait to see her profile!

  2. Hello from Spain: Averie is very attractive. The hair is very nice. You also have lovely hair ... Keep in touch

  3. She really looks like you! Great Job!