10 September 2012

Little projects and some new faces

About a month and a half ago, my mom and I decided to redo the attic.  (We've basically spent the last year painting various parts of the house, so it was about time.)  I have the whole attic to myself, but I wasn't utilizing all of the space.  I have two rooms and quite a bit of space around the stairs.

The door on the right of this picture leads into the room where I keep most of my doll things.  To the left (not pictured) is my bedroom.  On the opposite side where I'm taking this photo from is now my little office area.  Prior to redecorating, my desk and my shelves with my CDs & DVDs were in the same room as the dolls.  But I moved them out so that my dolls could basically take over more space in the doll room.  So I've spent the past few weeks trying to be good and organize it...which is taking much longer than I've expected and isn't nearly as fun as just playing.  But I digress.

I am completely obsessed with Disney...like to the point where it's probably unhealthy.  But anyway, my princesses finally have the perfect place to be displayed.

The fact that her hair is ridiculously long makes me happy.

Honestly wish I could get her to sit like a lady, but I'll find a stand soon enough.

On Saturday, my Katniss doll finally arrived in the mail and I'm absolutely in love with her.  I mean, I knew I would be.  But...she's just so beautiful in person.  This one is for display only.  When I finally start making money again, I intend to get a second to make a character.

And finally, the girls and I tried to have a little photoshoot today...which had mixed results.  Summer is literally the clumsiest doll I own.  She is always falling over...even when she's not trying to stand.  So it definitely makes group shots a blast when she takes everyone else down with her.  She even crashed her head pretty hard today during one of her falls.  As a result, we only got through two setups before I needed to take a break.  I figure I'll finish the photoshoot later on.

Apparently by the time everyone got situated Audrey got tired of her shoes and kicked them off.  Go figure.

Pretty sure Audrey was thrilled she was already on the ground by the time this picture was finished.  I know Holly must be cringing somewhere muttering about Summer being one of her clients and embarrassing her.

Anyway, hopefully more soon.  The walls and floor used in this shoot are soon to be made into the living room of Summer, Skipper, Mitchie, and Averie's house...which has been in the works for a really long time.  I feel like I've finally accomplished something today.