26 October 2012

[Profile] Annabelle

Annabelle Anderson
Age:  15
Birthday:  April 7
Occupation:  actress
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Valerie, Averie

                  Being the youngest of three sisters, Annabelle was often expected by many adults, while growing up, to follow the path her sisters forged for her and fit herself into one of their molds.  But that idea doesn’t sit well with Annabelle.  She’d much rather stay true to herself and be her own person than a copy of Valerie or Averie.  And in the process, this is exactly what has made her sisters more proud of her than they could have imagined.

                  Even though she’s just a teenager, Annabelle has a pretty clear idea of how she’d like to spend her future.  She knows that her time on Denton Academy with best friend Stacie Roberts will have to end eventually.  After all, no one can be a teen star forever.  But she knows that she wants to continue on with her acting, exploring a depth of roles, as varied as possible.  She’s the kind of girl who loves change and finds it more refreshing than daunting.

                  For now, her guardianship in Hollywood is often split up between Averie and Valerie.  (She has rooms in both of their houses.)  But while she loves California and the opportunities it’s provided her, she often finds herself homesick for her parents who are very rarely free to travel with her.  But she makes the most of modern technology, constantly connecting over email and Skype.  It helps to have her sisters and best friend nearby.  She admits that, despite the fact that she misses home, she wouldn’t trade her life for anyone’s.

Valerie, Annabelle, and Averie with their mom
with Averie
with Valerie
with her dad
with best friend Stacie

12 October 2012

Look who's here!

I have been absolutely dying to just see the articulated Skipper in person, even though I wasn't able to buy her at the time.  I couldn't find her anywhere in stores, so I waited until I had some money and finally ordered her on the Target website.  They sent me the wrong doll set.  By this point, the Skipper/Chelsea set was now unavailable online, so we went to return the dolls in-store.  The woman who helped us was so nice and helpful.  She even called Target.com to see if she could figure out the problem.  Apparently they assigned the same DCPI to two completely different doll sets.  And this set still wasn't in the store, so I walked out without her (but with two new Stardolls--go figure).

Today, I got an email from TRU, saying that all Barbies and playsets (excluding Collector) were 50% off today and tomorrow.  I hadn't seen this Skipper at my usual TRU so my mom and I went across town.  We found her hidden behind some other dolls.  I basically dove for her even though there was no one else in the aisle who would have taken her.  Long story short, I got her for half the price I was paying at Target, so...$10 for both her and Chelsea.  I really like the Chelsea too because even though she's not articulated, her arms have a wider range of movement.

I also ended up picking the huge box set of Fashionistas with six dolls that's usually $70 for $35, so now I have more body donors than I know what to do with, but I knew I'd never get a price like that again.

Just showing off her articulation.  :)

I'll try to get more pictures of her tomorrow in better light and hope to have a profile up for her character Annabelle soon (since she's replacing my former brunette Skipper).

Still haven't gotten around to finishing a photo story.  I keep getting distracted and starting new projects.  But eventually... :)

Hope all is well with you guys!