26 October 2012

[Profile] Annabelle

Annabelle Anderson
Age:  15
Birthday:  April 7
Occupation:  actress
Relationship Status:  single
Siblings:  Valerie, Averie

                  Being the youngest of three sisters, Annabelle was often expected by many adults, while growing up, to follow the path her sisters forged for her and fit herself into one of their molds.  But that idea doesn’t sit well with Annabelle.  She’d much rather stay true to herself and be her own person than a copy of Valerie or Averie.  And in the process, this is exactly what has made her sisters more proud of her than they could have imagined.

                  Even though she’s just a teenager, Annabelle has a pretty clear idea of how she’d like to spend her future.  She knows that her time on Denton Academy with best friend Stacie Roberts will have to end eventually.  After all, no one can be a teen star forever.  But she knows that she wants to continue on with her acting, exploring a depth of roles, as varied as possible.  She’s the kind of girl who loves change and finds it more refreshing than daunting.

                  For now, her guardianship in Hollywood is often split up between Averie and Valerie.  (She has rooms in both of their houses.)  But while she loves California and the opportunities it’s provided her, she often finds herself homesick for her parents who are very rarely free to travel with her.  But she makes the most of modern technology, constantly connecting over email and Skype.  It helps to have her sisters and best friend nearby.  She admits that, despite the fact that she misses home, she wouldn’t trade her life for anyone’s.

Valerie, Annabelle, and Averie with their mom
with Averie
with Valerie
with her dad
with best friend Stacie


  1. It's great to see another profile up! Annabelle sounds so level-headed. By the way, what doll is her mother?

  2. Nice profile introduction. Annabelle seems to have the best of both worlds.

  3. Happy to see another profile. Good to see she still longs to be with mom and dad. Nice dad. I've never seen him before.

    1. Thanks. He's Paul from S Club 7. I think a lot of the S Club dolls look older than most of my others so they've been getting used as parents of young adults.

  4. I love this gal Annabelle,you described her so well that I feel like I know her for a long time lol...jokes apart I like kids who know what they want from their lives and act accordingly,wish my daughter grows up to a confident young woman sooooooooon!!!!:)

    Lovely writing,beautiful pics,loved it dear!!!!:D

    1. Let's just say that Annabelle is much more self-assured than even I am lol. And I'm sure your daughter will get there in time. :)
      Thank you so much! :)

  5. Hello from Spain: I love Annabelle Anderson. It is also the first time I meet her father .. Keep in touch

  6. Congrats on getting her!! I was lucky enough to snatch the set up at Khol's. Yes, Khol's. Check there from time to time and you can really luck up. I so love the pink streaks in her hair!