13 November 2012

Novel In Progress, Do Not Disturb (a photo story)

I finally finally finally finished a diorama last week, so here's Averie's bedroom/office area.  (Excuse the fact that the curtains were a pain in the neck and that the window needs more work.)

 As November is National Novel Writing Month, Averie is using the time to get a head start on her latest book.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in thirty days.  (My own novel is currently at about 20,000.)  But this should be a cinch for Averie since she's a professional.

Unfortunately, she finds herself unable to make her word count easily when her roommates and friends keep interrupting.

Summer enters.
Summer:  Hey, Ave?

Averie:  What's up, Summer?

Summer:  Do you know if Mitchie went to pick up groceries today?  We're running low on some things, but I didn't want to get any if she's already headed there.

Averie:  I thought it was her week to pick them up, but I honestly don't know if that's where she is right now.  I'd give her a call to see if I were you.

Summer:  Okay, I'll call her then and I'll let you get back to work.

Averie:  See ya, Summer.

Back to work, but then...

Annabelle:  Hey, Averie.

Averie:  Annabelle?  What are you doing here?

Averie:  You're supposed to be staying at Valerie's this week.

Annabelle:  Well, yeah, I guess, but she has a date.  (She rolls her eyes.)  And besides, I wanted to hang out with Stacie.
Averie:  Don't the two of you see enough of each other on set?
Annabelle:  Not for girls' nights in.

Annabelle:  So can we get a pizza or something?
Averie:  If you want to, sure, I guess.  Take a twenty from my wallet and then will you please let me get back to work?
Annabelle:  Sure thing!  Thanks!

She tries to get back to work once more, but...

Nate:  Hey, Averie!

Averie:  Who let you in, Nate?
Nate:  Your sister.
Averie:  Why?
Nate:  Well, I was under the impression that you and I had lunch plans, but...

Averie:  I'm sorry.  I just got all caught up in my novel.  At least I've tried to.  Everyone's been interrupting.

Nate:  You sound like you need a break anyway.  Or do you want to stay holed up in this room trying to catch up on your word count?

Averie:  No.  If one more person barges in, I might scream.  Just let me get ready and we'll go.

Averie puts on her shoes while Nate continues small talk in the background.
Nate:  So the new book?  Have I inspired any characters lately?
Averie:  You wish.

Averie:  Just because they cast you in the first movie version of the trilogy does not mean I wrote that character for you.

Averie grabs her phone from its place on her desk.

Nate (in background):  You do realize that phones only provide more interruptions.
Averie:  Nevertheless, I can't leave the house without my phone.

Averie:  Okay, that should be everything.

Averie:  Hey, hon.
Nate:  Hey.

Averie:  Let's get out of here before someone stops us.

All things considered, if I can catch up on my word count, Averie who is a Serious Novelist can certainly catch up on hers, even if she has had more interruptions than I will.  Okay, well, now that I've procrastinated enough, off to write another 1,667 words if I don't get sidetracked first!  :)