13 November 2012

Novel In Progress, Do Not Disturb (a photo story)

I finally finally finally finished a diorama last week, so here's Averie's bedroom/office area.  (Excuse the fact that the curtains were a pain in the neck and that the window needs more work.)

 As November is National Novel Writing Month, Averie is using the time to get a head start on her latest book.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in thirty days.  (My own novel is currently at about 20,000.)  But this should be a cinch for Averie since she's a professional.

Unfortunately, she finds herself unable to make her word count easily when her roommates and friends keep interrupting.

Summer enters.
Summer:  Hey, Ave?

Averie:  What's up, Summer?

Summer:  Do you know if Mitchie went to pick up groceries today?  We're running low on some things, but I didn't want to get any if she's already headed there.

Averie:  I thought it was her week to pick them up, but I honestly don't know if that's where she is right now.  I'd give her a call to see if I were you.

Summer:  Okay, I'll call her then and I'll let you get back to work.

Averie:  See ya, Summer.

Back to work, but then...

Annabelle:  Hey, Averie.

Averie:  Annabelle?  What are you doing here?

Averie:  You're supposed to be staying at Valerie's this week.

Annabelle:  Well, yeah, I guess, but she has a date.  (She rolls her eyes.)  And besides, I wanted to hang out with Stacie.
Averie:  Don't the two of you see enough of each other on set?
Annabelle:  Not for girls' nights in.

Annabelle:  So can we get a pizza or something?
Averie:  If you want to, sure, I guess.  Take a twenty from my wallet and then will you please let me get back to work?
Annabelle:  Sure thing!  Thanks!

She tries to get back to work once more, but...

Nate:  Hey, Averie!

Averie:  Who let you in, Nate?
Nate:  Your sister.
Averie:  Why?
Nate:  Well, I was under the impression that you and I had lunch plans, but...

Averie:  I'm sorry.  I just got all caught up in my novel.  At least I've tried to.  Everyone's been interrupting.

Nate:  You sound like you need a break anyway.  Or do you want to stay holed up in this room trying to catch up on your word count?

Averie:  No.  If one more person barges in, I might scream.  Just let me get ready and we'll go.

Averie puts on her shoes while Nate continues small talk in the background.
Nate:  So the new book?  Have I inspired any characters lately?
Averie:  You wish.

Averie:  Just because they cast you in the first movie version of the trilogy does not mean I wrote that character for you.

Averie grabs her phone from its place on her desk.

Nate (in background):  You do realize that phones only provide more interruptions.
Averie:  Nevertheless, I can't leave the house without my phone.

Averie:  Okay, that should be everything.

Averie:  Hey, hon.
Nate:  Hey.

Averie:  Let's get out of here before someone stops us.

All things considered, if I can catch up on my word count, Averie who is a Serious Novelist can certainly catch up on hers, even if she has had more interruptions than I will.  Okay, well, now that I've procrastinated enough, off to write another 1,667 words if I don't get sidetracked first!  :)


  1. Yay for distractions LOL. Love Averie's room and I'm really glad to see Nate pop up. Wish you good luck on your novel!

    1. I am ridiculously good at procrastinating hahaha. Thank you!! I need all the luck I can get at this rate. :)

  2. Very nice photo story! I love your room. The picture collage was my favorite oh and the animal print bedding...love it! Did you have Averie rerooted? I love her hair color.

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it. I rerooted her a few months ago. :) She used to be a Fashionistas Raquelle.

  3. Lovely story and great job on her room. Hopefully you are back to writing your novel and not being distracted by these comments. LOL!

    1. Thank you! :) Hahaha, I was good and hit my word count goal of the day.

  4. What a great room and story! Love the Paris decal. She has a busy household.

    1. Thanks! And yes, she does. 3 roommates always plus sometimes Stacie and/or Annabelle. Busy indeed. :)

  5. Such an awesome photo-story,Anabelle is looking very adorable :) Congrats for hitting ur world count goal of the day!

  6. Hi,what an interesting photo story,each of them looks very trendy and does absolute justice to the rolls they are playing in the story!!
    I loved the dio,great post,dear!!:)

  7. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on creating this room. I really like the decor. The clothing is very beautiful. The desk is beautiful. The image is an original collage. Keep in touch

  8. What a great room! I really like that desk!!