23 February 2013

[Profile] Sander

Lysander "Sander" Thompson

Age:  23
Birthday:  April 23
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Sander has never understood his schoolteacher mother’s love of all things Shakespeare, including the fact that she named him after a character in her favorite play.  Sure, the guy wrote some great poetry.  As a lyricist himself, Sander can appreciate the words of the Bard.  But a play about fairies?  Really?  After all, that’s how he got stuck with such a bothersome name.  “She could have named you Oberon,” his best friend is fond of reminding him.  In fact, as far as names go, Lysander probably isn’t that bad.  But still, Lysander?  She could have at least picked Demetrius.

                  What Sander does like is the fact that his mother’s love of words drove him to write, to start creating his own kind of poetry which eventually led him to forming a band with his best friend from prep school, Martin West.  That, and his father’s love of music have made him the person he is today with all his passions.

                  Sander truly loves what he does.  When he was younger, he may not have ever fancied the idea of boy bands, but he has a lot of fun being in one now.  The best part is that the press tends to zero in on Martin as the band’s frontman.  Sander gets all the perks with less drama.  While rumors swirl around Martin’s interest in Brie Hamilton, Sander is free to tend to his own love life (or as of late, lack thereof) without as much buzz.  Sometimes he thanks fate that his best friend is the son of media tycoons.

                  In his free time, Sander enjoys playing a wide array of sports.  He’s also notorious for his love of food and is often seen out eating and enjoying as many local restaurants as he can at each stop on tour.  It’s probably a good thing he likes playing sports so much—and that he’s been blessed with a quick metabolism. 

20 February 2013

[Profile] Landon

Landon Carson

Age:  20
Birthday:  August 31
Occupation:  Band Manager
Relationship Status:  in a relationship with Skipper Roberts
Siblings:  Ken

                  Landon counts himself lucky to be able to work so closely with friends as good as the girls in Daisy Chain.  He met Skipper long before many of the Daisy Chain girls even knew each other when his brother started dating Skipper’s sister.  He’s always loved the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business which is why when Skipper started her band he came along to help with the business end of things.

                  No one can say he didn’t earn his spot as band manager.  He’s had that role since way before he ever became romantically involved with Skipper.  When the girls were first really becoming famous, their agency wanted to keep Landon on only for small tasks and hire a professional to truly handle their career.  But the girls knew it wasn’t fair to him, especially since they knew he could handle the job and they haven’t regretted their decision to keep him as their manager yet.

                  Landon and Skipper only began dating last summer when they finally relented and went on a date after their friends spent months telling them they’d make a cute couple.  More than anything though, they balance each other out.  Landon can be completely rational during moments where Skipper loses her heads in the clouds with ideas of always moving forward.  To this day, he still thinks that the best thing about their relationship is that, were they to break up, he honestly believes they’d continue on as close friends.

                  Currently, Landon shares an apartment with his older brother Ken when he’s not on the road with Daisy Chain.

with brother Ken

16 February 2013

[Profile] Ken

Kenneth Carson

Age:  27
Birthday:  March 11
Occupation:  Actor
Relationship Status:  engaged to Barbie Roberts
Siblings:  Landon

                  Ken is known mostly to the general public as Barbie’s Boyfriend.  Most guys would be threatened by this, feeling less powerful, more inconsequential.  But Ken isn’t most guys.  He doesn’t need the good opinion of people who don’t know him to make him feel good about himself.  He and those closest to him know that he’s much more than Barbie’s Boyfriend.  (And even if he weren’t, is being Barbie’s Boyfriend really such a bad thing?)

                  Like Barbie, Ken first worked as a model before transitioning to acting.  (In fact, it was on the set of a commercial where the two first met and hit it off.)  He’s been acting ever since his big break and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  Hollywood is a fickle place, but he’s found his share of trustworthy and admirable people there, people who have his back under all circumstances.  And that’s why it’s easy to ignore the others, the ones who make underhanded comments, snide remarks, and are just downright hateful.  As long as he knows who he is at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters.

                  Overall, Ken is family oriented and hopes to settle down with Barbie one day and start a family.  But for now, he’s just happy living in the moment and gradually reaching other goals he’s set for himself.  Life’s too precious to wish away time.

with Barbie

with younger brother Landon

10 February 2013

New Job = New Dolls

So I recently started working at a new job and this past Friday I received my first paycheck.  I also had a bit of money from selling my dead car.  Needless to say, I went all out this weekend when it came to buying dolls, since I've had to be super good over the past few months.  My Saturday shopping spree was so exciting!

This first picture has a little bit of everything in it.  The reason Audrey and Sophie are there is because my new LIV house is going to them.  I figure since it's just the two of them they don't need much space, so Audrey will have a smaller house for them.  (She's also modeling the dress the Hayden doll came wearing.)  What was probably the most exciting part of the house was the fact that I didn't have to actually put up the sticker in the living room area and it will leave it more flexible for decorating.  The house came with the bed and a few more accessories.

The new Kara was actually the first purchase I made.  My Target only had one of each of them and she is by far my favorite, so she got to come home with me.  I'm pretty sure she's Annalise's older sister.

Kara is sitting at the new Disney Princess dining room set which I wanted from the moment I first saw promo pictures for it.  I don't think Audrey and Sophie will be keeping it.  It will probably go to Skipper's house.  I haven't decided yet.

One of the fashion packs I picked up.

I picked up this Ken for his outfits since Walmart had him on clearance for $10.

A closer view of the bed, dress, etc.

Toys R Us had their last LIV accessories on sale for 48 cents each, so I picked up two with suitcases and another.

This afternoon I stopped at Big Lots.  I saw one of the Couture Angels in a somewhat lousy box (not that it matters considering I take things out immediately) selling for $25.  But a few shelves down behind some other dolls they had another one with a decent box for $15.  I love her to pieces and am already figuring out who she is.  The halo was taken off on the ride home since she's not going to stay an angel.  I'm debating taking the wings off to make that a regular gown.

I've also ordered some things online so I have that to look forward to.  I'm so excited!!!  :)

09 February 2013

[Profile] Barbie

Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts

Age:  27
Birthday:  March 9
Occupation:  Actress
Relationship Status:  engaged to Ken Carson
Siblings:  Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea

                  Barbie Roberts has been an icon for as long as anyone can remember, rising to fame first as a model and then as an actress.  She is a work-oriented, career-minded woman who believes that a doll can do anything she puts her mind to, so long as she believes in herself.  She’s proven this theory time and again over the years.

                  Many people don’t know what to make of Barbie.  Believing that her image is all just a front, they try to tear her down in any way possible.  But she’s an optimist who knows to take words of hate with a grain of salt.  While the hate can hurt at times, she tends to stay positive more often than not.  After all, she already has the wonderful people she needs surrounding her.

                  Family-oriented, Barbie spends a lot of time with her three younger sisters.  Outside of her family, she’s closest to her fiancé Ken who she’s known for a majority of her life now.  With those she loves backing her, she knows she can conquer the world.

with Ken

family portrait
Barbie with Skipper, Chelsea, and Stacie
Barbie with cousin Summer

06 February 2013

[Profile] Nikki

Nicole "Nikki" O'Neil

Age:  28
Birthday:  April 19
Occupation:  Stylist
Relationship Status:  in a relationship with Steven
Siblings:  Rocky

                  Nikki is a fashionista.  She loves clothing and accessories.  She loves hair and makeup.  She loves creating new appearances for people and helping them look their best.  And this is why she got into fashion in the first place.  On the side, she helps out with designs for Maya Nakano’s fashion label, but her main job is as the personal stylist to Daisy Chain.  The best thing about working for a group of girls is that she has five different personalities to work with and, in turn, five different styles to create.

                  Nikki is a go-getter.  She’s opportunistic and always strives to reach her goals.  But she knows that some things take time and that being content with where you are is what’s really important.  She’s taken advantage of her platform as a celebrity stylist to spread this message to young girls everywhere, hoping that they won’t grow discouraged if things don’t immediately go their way.  Her advice column and blog get hundreds of hits and comments.

                  In her spare time,  Nikki enjoys hitting all the nearby outlet malls for great deals on clothes with the help of her teenage sister Rocky.  Being pretty laidback, she likes to spend the rest of her free time just chilling at home and having movie nights with her friends.