03 February 2013

Getting Back to Work (a photo story)

The girls of Daisy Chain have just wrapped up filming their latest music video, kicking off a very busy schedule that includes trips to the recording studio, television appearances, tour prep, and more.  Stacie came along today in order to help keep an eye on Sophie since Audrey would be busy on set.

Stacie with her little charge.
 Sophie spies her auntie and grows excited, reaching out for her.

Sophie:  Auntie!!!
Audrey:  Hello, pumpkin!

Audrey:  Thanks for watching her, Stacie.
Stacie:  No problem.

Audrey carries Sophie over to the chair for some cuddles.
Audrey:  How's my sweet princess?  Were you good for Stacie?

Skipper slips into the room and offers her younger sister a hug.

Stacie:  How was filming?
Skipper:  It was fun, but I'm wiped.  I'm ready for a good night's sleep, but we'll get dinner first, okay?
Stacie:  Sounds good.

Across the room, Annalise is already changing.  We'll give her a bit of privacy.

Mari is collecting her own clothes so that she can get changed as well.

Summer takes the chair when Audrey leaves to change.  She works on taking off her jewelry while the band's stylist Nikki undoes her hair.

Summer:  (mostly to herself) What a day...

The girls are finally all back in their own clothes.

Nikki washes the hairspray from Mari's hair while Audrey tends to Sophie.

Off to the side, Stacie chats with her older cousin.

Finally, Holly (their publicist) and Landon (their manager and Skipper's boyfriend) enter the room.  Holly has only just stopped by, while Landon has been on set all day.  (Side note:  I love the look, Landon.  Did you just roll out of bed like that?)
Holly:  I've just seen clips from the shoot.  I know just the best stations to air it on.
Landon:  You really did great.  Everything in the shoot looks phenomenal.  Lily's going to come in, so you can see some of today's best takes.

Everyone gathers around the director Lily who has brought her computer in and they proceed to take a look at the day's shoot.

The girls rush out soon after, all eager for some well deserved rest.  They'll need it with the hectic schedule that lies ahead of them.


  1. So much going on! It's so cute how affecionate Audrey is with Sophie. Hopefully they'll be able to handle their hectic schedule.

    1. Audrey adores Sophie and vice versa, so it really works out. :)

  2. My goodness, they are very busy! The shoot turned out great!

    1. Thanks! It's a lot to take in for them, considering they just had a six week break over the holidays!

  3. Nice photostory. I agree with Verona, lots going on. Love the computer photos. Great job.

    1. They're very busy as of late. Thanks! :)

  4. Hello from Spain, your pics are gorgeous. I like Audrey and Sophie. They are very cute. Point well taken. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you! :) I really like having their little family play out.