20 February 2013

[Profile] Landon

Landon Carson

Age:  20
Birthday:  August 31
Occupation:  Band Manager
Relationship Status:  in a relationship with Skipper Roberts
Siblings:  Ken

                  Landon counts himself lucky to be able to work so closely with friends as good as the girls in Daisy Chain.  He met Skipper long before many of the Daisy Chain girls even knew each other when his brother started dating Skipper’s sister.  He’s always loved the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business which is why when Skipper started her band he came along to help with the business end of things.

                  No one can say he didn’t earn his spot as band manager.  He’s had that role since way before he ever became romantically involved with Skipper.  When the girls were first really becoming famous, their agency wanted to keep Landon on only for small tasks and hire a professional to truly handle their career.  But the girls knew it wasn’t fair to him, especially since they knew he could handle the job and they haven’t regretted their decision to keep him as their manager yet.

                  Landon and Skipper only began dating last summer when they finally relented and went on a date after their friends spent months telling them they’d make a cute couple.  More than anything though, they balance each other out.  Landon can be completely rational during moments where Skipper loses her heads in the clouds with ideas of always moving forward.  To this day, he still thinks that the best thing about their relationship is that, were they to break up, he honestly believes they’d continue on as close friends.

                  Currently, Landon shares an apartment with his older brother Ken when he’s not on the road with Daisy Chain.

with brother Ken


  1. Hello from Spain: I like this guy's profile. I see he's birthday in August. So do I. Keep in touch

  2. What a down to earth hunk! He and Skipper seem pretty good together, although if they did break up, I don't know if they would still be able to remain as friends.

    1. I guess you still can't fault him for being young and idealistic. hahaha. But who knows what the future holds for those two?