06 February 2013

[Profile] Nikki

Nicole "Nikki" O'Neil

Age:  28
Birthday:  April 19
Occupation:  Stylist
Relationship Status:  in a relationship with Steven
Siblings:  Rocky

                  Nikki is a fashionista.  She loves clothing and accessories.  She loves hair and makeup.  She loves creating new appearances for people and helping them look their best.  And this is why she got into fashion in the first place.  On the side, she helps out with designs for Maya Nakano’s fashion label, but her main job is as the personal stylist to Daisy Chain.  The best thing about working for a group of girls is that she has five different personalities to work with and, in turn, five different styles to create.

                  Nikki is a go-getter.  She’s opportunistic and always strives to reach her goals.  But she knows that some things take time and that being content with where you are is what’s really important.  She’s taken advantage of her platform as a celebrity stylist to spread this message to young girls everywhere, hoping that they won’t grow discouraged if things don’t immediately go their way.  Her advice column and blog get hundreds of hits and comments.

                  In her spare time,  Nikki enjoys hitting all the nearby outlet malls for great deals on clothes with the help of her teenage sister Rocky.  Being pretty laidback, she likes to spend the rest of her free time just chilling at home and having movie nights with her friends.


  1. Nikki really sounds like a wonderful person. I'm looking forward to seeing her do her thing with the styling.

    1. Thanks! She's definitely going to have a lot of fun creating looks for the girls.

  2. Hello from Spain, o like Nikki. She is very pleasant.and friendly. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you! :) Nikki definitely strikes me as a sweetheart.