23 February 2013

[Profile] Sander

Lysander "Sander" Thompson

Age:  23
Birthday:  April 23
Occupation:  musician
Relationship Status:  single

                  Sander has never understood his schoolteacher mother’s love of all things Shakespeare, including the fact that she named him after a character in her favorite play.  Sure, the guy wrote some great poetry.  As a lyricist himself, Sander can appreciate the words of the Bard.  But a play about fairies?  Really?  After all, that’s how he got stuck with such a bothersome name.  “She could have named you Oberon,” his best friend is fond of reminding him.  In fact, as far as names go, Lysander probably isn’t that bad.  But still, Lysander?  She could have at least picked Demetrius.

                  What Sander does like is the fact that his mother’s love of words drove him to write, to start creating his own kind of poetry which eventually led him to forming a band with his best friend from prep school, Martin West.  That, and his father’s love of music have made him the person he is today with all his passions.

                  Sander truly loves what he does.  When he was younger, he may not have ever fancied the idea of boy bands, but he has a lot of fun being in one now.  The best part is that the press tends to zero in on Martin as the band’s frontman.  Sander gets all the perks with less drama.  While rumors swirl around Martin’s interest in Brie Hamilton, Sander is free to tend to his own love life (or as of late, lack thereof) without as much buzz.  Sometimes he thanks fate that his best friend is the son of media tycoons.

                  In his free time, Sander enjoys playing a wide array of sports.  He’s also notorious for his love of food and is often seen out eating and enjoying as many local restaurants as he can at each stop on tour.  It’s probably a good thing he likes playing sports so much—and that he’s been blessed with a quick metabolism. 


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. My Ken has the same clothes. I like the shirt. This Ken with beard is my favorite. Great profile. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks! The beard is definitely what drew me to him. :)

  2. Sander is a cutie. Male poets are always interesting. He shouldn't have any problem getting a lady with poetry skills and musical talent.

    1. He's definitely a hit with the ladies. :)

  3. Is he the Shaving Ken? If he is he is quite Attractive.

  4. Sander is handsome. Love his profile. He seems quite interesting. Poetry and music ooh la la!

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  6. Sander is very handsome! Love his profile.

  7. Hello! My my my, what lovely new boys!!! I absolutely love Sander's backstory, and his name!

    Also, congrats on the new job!!! It's always so awesome to have money flowing in!
    And there are some lovely boys out there right now. My girl is pretty pissed I haven't brought any home for her, LOL.

    I've been following you on RSS for a while and I'm glad to see you active again!

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